Massachusetts: Most People Infected With COVID During Outbreak Were Vaccinated

Last Refuge: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released their investigative findings of a recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Massachusetts. [Press Release Here] According to their study 74% of those infected during the regional outbreak were previously vaccinated.

According to the study 469 cases were tracked from the Provincetown, MA, outbreak July 3rd through 17th.  Of the 469 COVID cases identified, the CDC is claiming 346 (74%) occurred in previously vaccinated people.  Specimens from 133 of the patients showed 90% of those cases were the “Delta variant”.

Five people were hospitalized, no-one died during the outbreak. READ MORE

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  1. My wife is working at Lollapalooza (coofapalooza) this year and our house is filled with 4 (unvaxxed) guests for the 4 day event. According to everything in fear mongering media/gov, we have about a 0% chance of all of us coming out of this without catching certain death china flu. I’ll let you know right before we all die.

  2. Let me rephrase that via Left Coast Dan’s above link.

    So it turns out the gay vaccinated are the super spreaders in more ways than one.

  3. I posted two items to the BNullpen this morning about this. (I forgot to label them with my ChiGuy name.) READ THE LINKS THERE! 1) The nums don’t add up the way the CDC is saying, and 2) The study is based on Provincetown, 85% of the people included were male, and the study occurred during a huge gay event called Bear Week.

  4. There is a lot of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in P’town. Just saying.

    Is it just me or does anyone else wonder why the gay community congregate on the tips of peninsulas? Provincetown, Key West, San Francisco.

    It’s probably nothing, Sigmund.

  5. Read a lady say on FB that for over a year her life never stopped, she never quit going to work, never quit having her weekly card night with friends, never quit having her weekly dinner night with her kids and young grandkids. Never wore a mask and never got sick.

    Then last week at her weekly card tonight two friends couldn’t come, so her other friend invited 2 of her neighbors over, both were fully vaccinated, one with Pfizer, the other with Moderna. Then her and her other friend got sick, not really anything major, symptoms like the flu, but they couldn’t go back to work without a Doctors note and both of their doctors wouldn’t give them a note without a covid test. Both tested positive.

    Then another man said his wife got the pfizer vaccine but he refused. Then he got sick and when he went to the doctor and they did bloodwork the doctor told him his blood looked nothing like anything he had ever seen before, so they needed to run further tests. He talked his wife into going to his doctor and allowing them to run blood work on her as she got sick after the 1st shot, really sick after the second and never feels well anymore. Her blood looked the same, but the doctor denies it could have anything to do with the shot.

    There were more similar stories people were telling.

    Then there were stories of family members who had died anywhere from a week to 4 months after getting the second shot and because most of them were elderly doctors just claimed it was their age and had nothing to do with the vaccines.

    These damn vaccines are making people sick, whether it’s with covid or not as they don’t even have a test for covid or covid in a lab who knows. It will probably be years before anyone knows exactly what they’re doing to not only the bodies of those vaccinated but those around them vaccinated.

    A smart country, health departments and disease control that really cared about health and controlling disease would have stopped these vaccines within a month and quarantined these people, but instead we have a bunch of evil people in government and either evil or stupid people in the health industry that continue pushing them.

    I think I’m going to start wearing a sign that says, “Are you vaccinated? Stay 100 feet away!”


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