Massive cheating in Mexico City Marathon


Nearly 6K Runners Disqualified from Mexico City Marathon for Alleged Cheating.


Mexico City Marathon officials disqualified nearly 6,000 runners after an investigation revealed widespread cheating. The investigation resulted in the elimination of 20 percent of the field.

Official results show that 28,206 runners crossed the finish line. Of those, 5,800 have now been disqualified after Facebook posts showing runners allegedly cheating by taking shortcuts, beginning the race along the course, or even allegedly boarding trains, Runners World reported. The website reported that 1,296 of the disqualified runners posted times that would qualify the runner for the Boston Marathon had their results been allowed to stand.  more here

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  1. Yeah, back in 2016, I almost got physical with Mexicans trying to break in line for Space Mountain. Then this past Summer, I had to get an adult Mexican tossed from a Panama City go-kart track for ramming my son’s kart and driving him into the wall. So no surprise at el cheato de Ciudad Mexico.

  2. I’m just one decent Uber driver away from winning my first Boston Marathon. 26.2 miles in 26.2 minutes is my ideal time.

  3. The reason?
    No shit, no BS, the reason is for the medals.
    LOCO runs, so don’t doubt his shit! 🙂

    The past few years the finishers medals spelled

    This year was the “C.”
    Simple as that.
    Of course some may have wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but most just wanted the bling without earning it.

    The site above spells it out but I knew it before they figured it out.
    The power of the bling is real.

  4. Suggested Geico commercial: A bunch of mexicans cheating, not surprising. Authorities taking action? Now THAT’S surprising!

  5. BTW, I am not excusing the cheating at all.
    It is bullshit and those fuckers were lazy.
    In many races a few people actually cheat.
    Many do it to qualify for Boston, which is very stringent.
    My point was that the large amount of cheaters was unusual and had an unusual explanation.

  6. Well, we are getting all the best and brightest from Mexico ya’ know.
    I guess that amounts to running and not getting caught.

  7. These are Mexicans who are trained athletes and mostly adults doing this ! What do you think the DACA folks will do … the Writing is on the wall !!!

  8. Issue RFID tags to registered runners. Sensors along the course register checkpoints. Miss a checkpoint, or pass one too soon after the last: disqualified.


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