Matthew DePerno: Dominion Voting Machines Had Unauthorized “Implant”

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DePerno offers some very compelling information here.

According to him there is an unauthorized implant which allows communication between outside sources and Dominion machines with relative ease.

He told Bannon during War Room that the machines were very very easy to hack, and could also switch votes in a myriad of ways…..even on the county level.

DePerno uncovered this information as a part of a forensic audit in Antrim County Michigan.

It remains to be seen what the results of the Arizona audit will uncover. read more

11 Comments on Matthew DePerno: Dominion Voting Machines Had Unauthorized “Implant”

  1. I’m sure CNN will have a full report.
    Chuckie Psaki will cover it in her press brief.

  2. I wouldn’t use the term “hack” or hacked in this instance.
    That implies unauthorized access from an outside source.
    If these were so accessible, hacking is not required.

    If SQL data can be manipulated in any way that is incredible.
    Only a bureaucratic idiot would allow a machine like this to be used.
    That or an outright crook.
    Imagine a banking system where you could go in an add a zero or two to your savings account.

  3. Do you understand why Turdeau always had a smirk on his face when he was around Trump.
    Look at the photos at the global summits.
    He knew that the EU, Democrats & others were all conspiring together against the US election.

    Dominion voting is located in Toronto , A LIBERAL STRONGHOLD in ONTARIO.

  4. If the machine counts and the hand counts are the same, there is not a problem with the machines.

    If the machine counts and the hand counts are significantly different, especially if enough to have changed the outcomes, then there is a problem with them. A big problem.

    So lets compare the counts before assuming a problem, at least if facts and truth are important in the issue.

  5. And yet poor slandered and libeled Dominion is suing the pants off anyone who looks sideways at them. They must be totally innocent, right?

    Cmn¢¢guy, I’m sure CNN will also be giving updates on all of those lawsuits.

  6. the ballot counts won’t match the machine counts
    remember, we all saw ruby freeman putting the same stack of ballots thru the machine 4-5 times

  7. I hate to sound like I’m giving up, but I’m giving up. So what if they prove fraud, we all know there was fraud, the democrats know there was fraud. And for the one millionth time, NOTHING IS GOING TO BE DONE ABOUT IT!!! There is no Kraken, there are no oath keepers riding to the rescue, Trump isn’t coming back, and the military certainly isn’t going to do anything. We are screwed, and we are now a socialist country with one-party rule. Time to face it.

  8. There were about 60 ways ballot fraud was committed in Maricopa county. Even if the ballots = the machine count, the election results are fraudulent. Even a blind man can see it.

  9. I personally believe that the people who were able to stop the election mid-count and recalibrate the machines to make JB the most popular president of all time, have had ample time to recalibrate the machines to cover it up. I feel like this recount is a another globalist deep state head fake. They need Americans to get back on board with the popularity contest and voting confidence.


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