Maxine Waters Upset Street Art Attacking Her is Showing Up All Over Los Angeles – IOTW Report

Maxine Waters Upset Street Art Attacking Her is Showing Up All Over Los Angeles

TruthFeed: A California based artist is upsetting “Mad Max” Maxine Waters with his or her anti-Maxine Art that is showing up throughout Los Angeles.

The liberal media is of course outraged, calling it “racist.”

Ironically, the same liberal media calls street art portraying Trump as a Nazi as “daring” and “defiant.”


What they don’t mention is while Maxine Waters pretends to represent a diverse district made up of a heavily black and latino population, she chooses to live in a multi-million dollar mansion in ritzy Hancock Park, where rich caucasians are the majority and the blacks only represent around 3%.


From CBS:

Civil-rights leaders Monday called for an investigation into what they described as a racially offensive campaign against local Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Posters featuring a black-and-white illustration of Waters bordered with the words “Poverty Pimp” have been plastered on streets and near freeways and businesses throughout Los Angeles, Inglewood and the South Bay.


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  1. well minimum waters, ya stick yer face in front or any camera available and spout absolute bullshit over and over again and then your outraged that someone takes offense?
    Do the country a favor and take a short journey and attempt a physically impossible sexual act. meanwhile STFU bitch

  2. America can survive a Maxine,Obongo,Pisslosi,ETC.What
    America cannot survive is people that would vote
    for a Maxine,Obongo,Pisslosi,ETC….

  3. Maxine has paid her daughter $750,000 from campaign funds. Nobody is asking her why.

    This is how the dimocrites who have been life long “public servants” become the richest members of congress and live in the 1% enclaves.

  4. If it wasn’t for hypocrisy, she’d have nuthin … absolutely NOTHING.
    She’s a low-life, conniving, race-hustling, poverty-pimp (to borrow JC Watts’ memorable phrase) of limited intellectual capacity.
    Ain’t it Great? God Bless America!
    Where else on this Earth could such a criminal, low-intensity-brainpower, seething hypocrite rise to such an exalted position?
    She, and her retarded sycophants, should be kissing the asses of every white person they meet, thanking them for having the ancestors who brought her and her ilk to America.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. MaxiPad isn’t the exception. Out of the hundreds of Congressmen, I challenge anyone to come up with a dozen who have not enriched themselves via their position of power. (maybe Kucinich)

    We’ve been impoverished by our government via burdensome taxes, regulations that cost a fortune to comply with, and economy that has been crushed via legislation that funnels money directly into the pockets of these criminals.

    WTF is wrong with us?! What’s in our diet that makes US morons and subservient?

  6. You know all those videos of black women fighting? Without her congressional position and the money she has stolen, she would be in every one of those videos – right in the middle of the melee.

  7. Hey, Africans of the NAACP she can always repatriate herself back to Africa (as can you) the land of dummies, idiots, and scuzzballs where she will fit right in immediately (And take that African Muslim Chrome Dome Jabber with you)!

  8. Congressmen get a very generous salary for what they do, whatever that is. But there is no way they could afford a multimillion dollar house on that salary. Special Prosecutor?

  9. From that streetview, I’ve got to say that is a beautiful, and surprisingly tasteful, mansion.
    Shocking that it belongs to such a dumbass pickanniny. Was my sentiment harsh and racist? Not when I level it at a lying, thieving POS hypocrite.

    She couldn’t earn that through honest labor in a million years of working. Especially being the self-rightous, spiteful dolt that she is. Lord, that pisses me off!
    Maybe a random earthquake will take it down with her in her indoor cement pond. Bet that grifter can’t swim one stroke.

  10. This is how it’s done. Everywhere there are anti-poverty programs, you’ll find “community leaders” with bulging pockets. Their voters don’t seem to mind, perhaps because it’s white money in black pockets, even if those pockets aren’t their own. Sad.

  11. A Republican with a high profile like this would already have a mob camped in his yard. Take it to the street, LA MAGA. Specifically, her street. It’s not like you’ll have to fight off a mob of neighborhood blacks.

  12. I’d love to send Maxine’s voters an invitation to a party at the Mansion. Imagine when they get a view of that place and then get chased off! Why stop with Maxine? Expose all the Liberal Politicians.

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