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Maybe, they just don’t like you?


I recall once having lunch with a female colleague who was complaining vociferously for the millionth time about not advancing fast enough in the corporation. Her boss was a misogynist, he was always giving the best projects to the men in her department – who only had engineering degrees while she held both an engineering degree and a law degree – both from the University of Michigan! Bunch of chauvinist pigs (that term was still popular in the early 80’s).

As I mentioned, this was about the millionth lunch hour I’d spent listening to her whine about how much more educated, smarter and capable she was than all her co-workers, and how her superior intelligence and skills were overlooked simply because she was a woman. She had embraced the sisterhood of the traveling victims society long before it was so lucrative. Apparently mistaking me for a member of her sisterhood she seethed on and on about all the unfair exclusionary behavior her boss and male colleagues practiced, including never inviting her to join them for lunch. This was not a problem I encountered in my own department; not to boast, but I was a pretty popular lunch companion and in fact had passed up an invite to our Friday staff lunch in order to honor my prior commitment to Ms. Wendy of the Unwavering Whine.

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  1. Nobody voluntarily associates with a chronic whiner. No matter if the complaints are fact based or not. It’s just off putting.

  2. Some people can’t recognize a bitch, when she’s staring them right in the face, while applying makeup.

  3. She’s a lawyer: The difference between a dead lawyer and dead snake in the road: skid marks in front of the snake.

  4. I forget where I heard or read this but it was spot on. Some person complained how everything and everyone was against him. He dotted off every single instance of injustice and unfairness, etc. blah blah blah. The person listening to this blather told the guy that in every single one of those circumstances there was just one common denominator. Know what that was?

  5. Remember when it was embarrassing for moms to go ask a neighbor kid to play with you?
    The snowflakes yearn for this treatment.

  6. The law degree is a liability unless you’re in the legal department.

    I don’t know anyone who is a better problem solver for having stayed awake through 3 more years of argumentative chitchat.

    Law school attracts the worst characters, then reinforces their faults and weaknesses, and unleashes them on the world.

  7. Guarantee you she has no people skills. When hiring, People skills number one, integrity, reliability, and motivation 2-3-4 in any order. Skills and aptitude number 5. NEVER failed.

  8. When you meet an @$$hole in the morning, you’ve met an @$$hole. When you meet @$$holes all day, maybe you’re the @$$hole.

  9. They made it through law school so then it’s time to fix all the wrongs in life, at everyone else’s pain and money.

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