McDonald’s to end AI drive-thru experiment after errant orders – IOTW Report

McDonald’s to end AI drive-thru experiment after errant orders

— including one that added bacon to ice cream.

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  1. The problem wasn’t the bacon, it was that it wasn’t profitable.
    Also, it isn’t really ice cream.

  2. Apparently, the AI drive through was delivering really ugly, deep fake pictures of questionable food instead of actual ugly food. Considering the cellulose content of McDolnald’s menus, some patrons couldn’t tell the difference and were seen eating the pictures and then throwing up – along with the actual food eaters who have always upchucked routinely.

  3. I still remember the sign at my local McDonalds that said they had McCraps which no one noticed for a few days until someone finally changed it. Every time I drove by, I would laugh at it and not say anything to them to change their sign.

  4. Yet, there are those that will anxiously hang-on to the unknown and hope for the unicorn to make acceptable corrections that may, hopefully, fulfil their every dream.

  5. The problem was the AI would have to be programmed to understand 237 different languages thanks to O’Biden’s open borders.

    I predict McDonalds will be gone in 7 years.

  6. The McDonalds by us doesn’t have AI, but it’s staffed by mostly blacks and it’s so bad there’s a sign in the pay window saying not to use profanity or verbally abuse the workers or they can refuse service. It’s REALLY bad. I went to Woodman’s last week about 4AM. Stopped at the drive through to get a medium black coffee. Took a few minutes to even take my order, then I got to the window and waited for the jerkoff to turn around and see me there to get my cup of coffee. It tasted about 8 hours old.

  7. Safeway in California sells a donut with bacon on it. Serious. I’ve never tried it, preferring my daily bacon pure, but I’m told it’s actually pretty good.

    Not gonna try it though.

  8. Brad
    MONDAY, 17 JUNE 2024, 22:47 AT 10:47 PM
    So you think it would be easier to find a hamburger slinger that speaks 237 different languages?”

    …probably not. but a human can do what I do in the virtual United Nations I work in, which is point and gesture and make faces. It aint perfect but its enough to get by, in a way that a programmed device with no experience in being human ever could…its amazing how some things, like tone and pitch and timbre are almost universal between languages and a human can gestalt all of this-gesture,, face, voice, even eye movements-together in a way that has FAR more possibilty of understanding than an “AI” would ever have any HOPE of doing.

    And c’mon, its ordering food, not assembling aircraft. The base of the Tower of Babel is much easier to build than its revolving restaurant on top, after all…

  9. AI can’t even get captioning correct on your television shows. There are often some really hilarious mistakes in the captioning.

    How did they think it could possibly work in a drive through with all sorts of background noise and people who mumble or have heavy accents?? DUH!!!

    Not ready for prime time, for sure

  10. (going strictly from a leaky memory here, can’t find what I want online, sooooo with that disclaimer…..)

    (uh, Clem); “Dr Memory, do you remember the past?”
    (Dr Memory); “yyyyyyyyes”
    (uh, Clem); “Do you remember the future?”
    (Dr memory); “yyyyyyyes”
    (uh, Clem); “ah, forget it!”
    (Dr Memory); “yyyyyyes noooooo yyyyyes noooooo”
    (fireworks go off….)

    (Firesign Theater, “I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus”)

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