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Meanwhile In Hairizona…

Pacific Pundit: From the state that gave us the McCain Crime Family, Jeff Flake, Martha McSally, etc comes the “racist” hair bill. Apparently hair styles in Arizona are racist now, so Cartel Katie Hobbs signed an executive order for state employees and contractors. Apparently, Black women, men, and children should be able to wear their “natural hair” without the fear of discrimination. So wait, when did hair styles become racist? MORE

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  1. On the list of things White people care about, black hair is at the bottom.

    All the pics I’ve seen of real African women are short haired or barely any hair at all.
    No dreads, extensions, coloring, straightening or any of that bullshit.

    BTW, How about my right not having a giant afro sit down in front of me in a theatre?

  2. “Today, I signed an Executive Order prohibiting race-based hair discrimination for state employees and contractors.”

    …NON race-based haur discrimination apparently still being OK for state employees and contractors…

  3. But only blacks are allowed to wear their hair any way they want, but if a white woman wears her hair in cornrows, she’s toast.

    This is such ridiculous virtue signaling. A solution in search of a problem. I wonder if this rule applies to the AZ National Guard?

  4. A Non-Problem in need of a Non-Solution.

    Look! Over there! A squirrel!
    (don’t look at the drug cartels buying demonrats)
    Negroes are 5.4% of Arizona’s population.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Well isn’t this rich, I have a very good memory clear back to 2013 when Flakes kid was making homophobic, racists, and anti-semitic comments on his Twitter, FB, accounts: Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake apologizes for teen son’s slur-filled … New York Daily News Jun 13, 2013 — Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, a devout Mormon and family man, has apologized for homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic comments posted online by …

    kettle = black

  6. @Tony R: In my many travels around the world, especially in touristy spots in the Caribbean or Mexico, I see little white girls and white teens having their hair braided in those corn weaves – by the natives which in most cases are black. No one gives it a second thought….including me. It’s just a hair style, when undone it doesn’t leave a white girls hair kinky, making them look afro.

  7. Not to be a “Grammar Nazi” or anything Ramble ole buddy but a remedial English class may be in order.

    “Your” is a possessive adjective, as in your house or your car.

    “You’re” is a contraction of the phrase you are, as in You’re welcome or You’re my best friend.

    If you’re to be understood, you must choose your words wisely.

  8. @Dan Ryan Galt. I object to your racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and specist insistence on the proper use of possessive adjectives (whatever that is) and contractions (this isn’t labor/child birth). I’m now triggered and need to spend the next few hours in my custom den sipping on well-aged Kentucky bourbon while enjoying a macanudo cigar and classical music until I recover.

  9. Rachael Dolezal attended the signing of the bill:

    “Rachel Dolezal, the former president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, joined Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs last week for the signing of an executive order that bans state agencies and contractors from practicing race-based hair discrimination.”

    from Axios

  10. Republicans in AZ Legislature should pass laws making Katie Hobbs hair illegal. That hair of hers poses an existential threat to the functioning of clocks and mirrors

  11. How many dumbshit Zonies who voted for Katie know that she went to NAU in Flagstaff .. the University you attend when you cant get into ASU or UA, two of the largest universities in the country

    It also went woke before anyone even knew what woke was

  12. Actually, I get much delight seeing the weird and ridiculous hairstyles of all the Afro-Americans that overpopulate the commercials on TV these days. It’s some of the best comedy out there. Keep it coming you guys.


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