Meanwhile, In Mexico…

President AMLO has accused SloJo and KamHo of funding attempts to overthrow the Mexican regime via anti-corruption groups.

This wouldn’t be the first time…..

“Border Czar” Kamala Harris Got Up and Walked Out of First Meeting with Mexican President on Border Security – Obrador Accuses Biden Admin of Orchestrating Coup

– David Harris Jr.

Muy interesante.

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  1. Well, they’ve had practice, and are pretty good at it, but do they have all the Mexican press and Media covering for them this time?

  2. The Hiden and Hairass administration is the most incompetent in the history of the USA. One is demented and the other is stupid. GOD HELP US!

  3. 100% totally believable.

    This fraud government run by Obama & ValGal are taking every opportunity to inflict as much pain as possible on anyone from the past that had the temerity to oppose their agenda.

  4. “Obrador has accused the Biden administration of plotting a coup in Mexico, and he’s right.”

    Almost smells Looks like Joe and his cohorts may have been VERY busy lately in planning and committing coups against Joe’s “enemies”, both foreign and domestic .

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