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Media Wants Presidential Debates


Twelve news organizations on Sunday urged presumptive presidential nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump to agree to debates, saying they were a “rich tradition” that have been part of every general election campaign since 1976.

While Trump, who did not participate in debates for the Republican nomination, has indicated a willingness to take on his 2020 rival, the Democratic president has not committed to debating him again. More

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  1. Media are inveterate liars. What they really want is to shill for Biden and script gotcha’ moments for Trump. So, no.

    As much as I’d like to see Jo(k)e seize-up on national TV I think the only way I’d play that game it with full disclosure blood testing as with race horses, and a shock collar on all participants for when they lie, or ask a leading question, or go off topic, or over time.

  2. They don’t dare putting that criminal fuckwit in a debate?
    He would simply prove to the American public that his brain on vacation and his mouth is on overtime!

  3. Some one interviewed a college basket ball team that got the coveted trip to the White House. Some one stuck a mic in one of the players faces and asked, what was it like meeting the President. The young basket player responded, the guys gone. he didn’t know who we were are why we were there. We took a team photo whit him when we first got there and old Joe kept asking if they’d done the photo yet.
    I don’t think they’re going let Joe get close to Trump.

  4. @Sippin’ Covfefe –

    I have a different take on it. I think that the media knows that even if Biden was able to steal another election, there is no way he could complete even one year of his term. This is an organized preemptive strategy to force him to drop out.

  5. Honestly, I was impressed that Joek held up 4 years ago. Must have been a lot of drugs. I don’t think he’d have any chance of lasting through a debate now.
    Trump will play it however Biden camp sets it up. If they actually do a debate or two Trump will be merciless, like a boxer working over his opponent for 15 rounds. And if there aren’t debates, Trump will do as he did during the primaries – hold his own press conference or town hall, under his terms.

  6. If they do have them it will only be with a moderator of their choice and Joey will have all the questions before the debate. Donna Brazil knows how to do that

  7. They can’t pump enough drugs in Dementia Joe to make him coherent enough to debate anyone.
    President Trump is a decent man. He know Dementia Joe would not make it through a debate with him. He’s not into elder abuse like Joe’s wife, the sadist Dr. Jill.

  8. If there were a debate, PedoJoe would have the answers already on his teleprompter while all the “moderator” would do is dare Trump to defend all the bogus charges that have been hurled against him.

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