Medicare premiums to increase for 15 million – IOTW Report

Medicare premiums to increase for 15 million

Washington Examiner-

An old federal policy could cause more than 10 million Americans to get a higher Medicare bill next year.

A small provision in Medicare’s policy will lead to 15 million Americans facing more than 50 percent increases in their monthly premiums next year. A new bipartisan bill in the Senate would fix the problem, but its passage and how it would be funded is in the dark.

The federal government will release 2016 premiums for Medicare Part B in the next few weeks, but an increase appears to be imminent.

That’s because another entitlement program, Social Security, won’t dole out a cost-of-living-adjustment for recipients next year. It is the third time in the past 40 years that seniors won’t get an adjustment, according to an August report from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston University.


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  1. So, our benevolent government’s inability to keep its filthy hands off our Social Security is the same benevolent government that won’t give us a COLA in 2016? Have they looked at the price of food, clothing and housing recently?! On top of this, they plan on raising the cost of Medicare when those of us who can least afford it are seeing our fixed income kept stagnant for another year??

    Both of these entitlements were paid for by the hard working members of this country, only to find them doled out to the Dems’ favorite voters.

    Time to stick a fork in it? Likely…

  2. If remember correctly a few years back when fuel prices were sky high the feds did not include that as a factor in COLA

  3. Don’t forget, EVERYONE is eligible for SS when they turn 70, even if they never paid into it. Including all those soon-to-be-arriving “refugees”. Is this a great country or what?

  4. Thats OK. Don’t forget, the SSI trust fund is scheduled to be insolvent next year also. Millions have jumped onto the disability rolls including immigrants and “refugees” who also never paid in. I guess the Obama economy caused discs to herniate and muscles to weaken. Or it could just be part of the Cloward-Piven plan to crash the system.

    Get ready for a huge jump in witholding tax next year, if you’re lucky enough to be employed. Like my daughter said when she looked at her first pay stub at age 16: “What is this FICA! Do I get this back?”. Not likely honey.

  5. If I recall correctly the first time jug ears ran for president he said that under his policies energy cost would necessarily sky rocket.

    But he didn’t make a peep about healthcare cost necessarily sky rocketing under his policies.

    Has there ever been a president where every single thing that effects the lives of Americans got worse? I can’t think of a single thing that is better after 7 years. Not one.

  6. Sorry, Dave, but my employer doesn’t give COLA raises, either. Fixed income? You aren’t allowed to work a little? There’s a law against you working 10-15 hrs a week at one of those jobs ‘ordinary Americans’ won’t do?
    Cry me a f*n river, I’m still paying for your retirement.

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