Meet two Americans whose money was stolen by the IRS


Herman Cain

I’ve told my story before of my dealings with the IRS – how they decided to audit me after I publicly criticized President Bill Clinton on national television and forced me to spend significant money on lawyers and accountants just to prove I had done nothing wrong.

IRS agents

This is their game and they like to play it. There is no federal agency with more leeway to harass Americans who have broken no law and failed to pay no taxes.

So it’s hardly new that the IRS treats people badly, although the targeting of conservative organizations that has taken place under the Obama Administration has taken it to new heights.

They’re not done, though. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on two Americans who have had their money seized by the IRS simply because the government didn’t like the amounts of money they were withdrawing from their own bank accounts.



4 Comments on Meet two Americans whose money was stolen by the IRS

  1. Sorry more blather, this time from Cain.

    He commends Gowdy and his hearings. Give me a break. Both Lerner and Koskinen lied repeatedly to his face there there were NO, I REPEAT NOT ONE consequence.

    There is absolutely no doubt that Jarrett and Obama have made it known to them that no matter what they did or what that lie about, they will cover their asses.

    I want to hear Trump’s take on the IRS-Cruz says he will abolish it.

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