Meghan McCain still wants her pound of flesh

Patriot Retort: According to the Hill, Meghan McCain is demanding a public apology from White House staffer Kelly Sadler for something Sadler said in private that was leaked to the public.

Are you kidding me?

Listen, Meghan. With all due respect, you have to let this go.

Your father is sick and dying. Don’t you have anything better to do than further fan the flames of the anti-Trump media by keeping this story going?

Sadler contacted Meghan Thursday and offered an apology.

But apparently that’s not enough for Meghan McCain.

No, instead, she still wants her pound of flesh.

Meghan won’t be happy until Sadler is proverbially dragged through the town square to issue a mea culpa in full view of the media.

Seems like Meghan’s preferred punishment doesn’t fit the “crime.”

If this was really about extracting an amends, Meghan would have been satisfied with Sadler’s apology on Thursday.

But she’s not. Because it isn’t about making amends.  more here

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  1. The lack of humbleness or humility in death or life is a horrible thing to waste.


  2. If the comment was made in a private meeting, and leaked to the press, it should be relatively easy to narrow-down the suspects. WH chief of staff should ask to see everyone’s cell phone and see who called whatever news purveyor that printed it. Fire these asshole leakers.

  3. She is in bad shape herself. Shes starting to look like a beer keg. Shes as white as a slice of bread, has horrible brittle hair, and wears the worst bright red lipstick on that white backdrop. Its horrendous. She really needs to step away from the public view and get a hold of her life.

  4. Given how poorly her father treated his first wife in abandoning her to pursue Cindy McCain (Meghan’s mother), she shouldn’t be asking for anything beyond,”Ooops, my bad,” from Kelly Sadler.

    I think Meghan might want to have a heart to heart with her dad about his RINO politics before he departs and see to it that he doesn’t try and torch the whole GOP. She might want to have him do a little soul searching because, given his current disposition, he might be heading off to somewhere that is a little warmer than Phoenix in July.

    “McCain is the classic opportunist. He’s always reaching for attention and glory. After he came home, Carol walked with a limp. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona. And the rest is history.”
    –Ross Perot, as quoted in this piece about John McCain’s first marriage: The wife John McCain callously left behind | Mail Online

  5. The people of AZ deserve an apology, and so does the rest of the U.S. for what a horrible senator this man McCain was…not to mention Sarah Palin. She was about the only thing he had going for him in his pathetic presidential run.

    To paraphrase DJT, I like guys who don’t get captured…and who don’t act like an asshole right up to their dying day, like this asshole.
    I think this Jimmy Buffet (or a soundalike) song was about him.

  6. “Because it isn’t about making amends”

    Ding Ding Ding

    She can peddle her crap on MSNBC and The View.
    She and Nicolle Wallace truly REPRESENT well.
    Throw in medusa head Liz Mair and it’s a 3 alarm Cherrybomb Bell ringer.

  7. Too bad the Cong didn’t just finish Songbird when they were done using him.

    Better for him, better for America, and Meghan would never have been born.

    Win, win, win.

    Funeral plans delayed while they search for a coffin with a top that’s urine-proof for the next 100 years.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Meghan has great juggs. That’s all. I don’t give a shit what she says. She has great juggs.

  9. Can you imagine what McCain has said about Trump in private?
    How about all of the 30-something teenagers who worked fir BO?

  10. @BMAN

    Get a sense of yourself! (Slap) Wipe the condensation from your field glasses…

    Okay, yeah, we all have our…own…but really?

  11. Sadler contacted Meghan Thursday and offered an apology.

    If true (if), we’ve got another in the line of this administration’s staffers that needs to get gone.

  12. The damage McCain has done to our country far outweighs his “service to our country” I would never “thank” jeffrey dahmer for his service or lee harvey oswald or john kerry or timothy mcvay or richard blumenthal or tom harkin or george mcgovern or john allen muhammed or…you fill in the blanks!

    Apologize for what exactly? The truth?

  13. The only apology should come in the form of firing the staffer who leaked this to the public. The White House should track down and fire the leaker, and if they cannot figure out who it was they should fire 100% of the staff and start new. From the beginning of this administration, the White House communications staff has leaked like a sieve. Time to put this staff’s leaking problem to bed once and for all.

  14. Staffer saying the obvious truth is now cause for punishment.

    Hey Meghan – your father is dying. What he has to say trashing Trump and America doesn’t matter anymore.

  15. Kelly Sadler should apologize when Meghan’s dad apologizes to Sarah Palin for his “punch to the gut” insult in his book. She kept him in the race.
    Cindy McCain whined at Sadler that McCain still had a family that was hurt by Kelly’s comment. Well, Cindy, Sarah has a family, too.

  16. Fire Kelly Sadler
    Tell Meghan to go pound sand.
    If that ain’t good enough for McCain’s opera singer daughter:
    Let them duke it out in a vat of creamed corn.

  17. The McCains would not have been hurt if the leaker hadn’t leaked. Who hasn’t said mean things in private. The leaker caused whatever “pain” was felt by passing on hurtful gossip. And include the axxhole “journalist” who thought it was worth making public and then claim some kind of personal virtue in the issue. What a bunch or self righteous plicks.

  18. Megan, the only reason your dad got where he is is cause his daddy was an Admiral. He has always received special treatment despite crashing several planes and careers. He always placed himself above others and didn’t care about anyone but himself. The only time he was conservative was when he ran for reelection, otherwise he was alongside the other team.
    He is still mad he could not be President and the only reason I voted for him WAS Sarah Palin.

    He needs to make amends to his creator and you owe us an apology for for being a selfish little twit.

  19. I say we bury Juan McCain in that famous military cemetery….

    You know the one…..

    It’s in the capital city…..

    of North Vietnam.

  20. It’s unfortunate that Meggie looks like her mom, but is built like her dad with big jugs. And she didn’t get intellect from either of them.

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