Merkel faces domestic revolt over refugee welcome


Berlin (AFP) – Germany’s Angela Merkel is used to owning the room when she speaks to her party faithful, but the mood turned hostile when she defended her open-door refugee policy this week.

In a heated atmosphere, some of the 1,000-odd members at the meeting warned of a “national disaster” and demanded shuttering the borders as Germany expects up to one million migrants this year.

“Stop the refugee chaos — save German culture + values — dethrone Merkel,” read a banner at the congress late Wednesday in the eastern state of Saxony, the home base for the anti-foreigner PEGIDA movement.

Merkel, who grew up behind the Iron Curtain in the communist East, insisted she would stay the course and told party members that “isolation already failed in the days of East Germany”.  more 


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  1. “Faces a revolt” is ptting it politely.


    Per the Czarina: BEFORE Christmas.
    Gut so: “and that ain’t bad”.

  2. It is astounding how the politicians have betrayed their citizens in Europe. Most decisions are made by the EU Council – people who are not elected and have no accountability to the citizens. Merkel is the only politician with major influence with the council, but they call the shots as the price for remaining in the EU.

    In time we’ll find out what deals the politicians cut to sell out their countrymen. Nothing good has come of the EU or the Euro.

  3. The Germans are realizing that the demographic medicine of not being bothered with having children is going to be worse than the demographic reality of there just being no more Germans.

    What worse is they’ve so weakened the idea of Western Civ the hordes that they have invited to fill the demographic hole will lash out if they are asked to assimilate. (and by that I mean the little things like using a toilet or raping young non Muslim girls.)

    If it were not so tragic I’d be watching it with pop corn.

  4. It’s unfathomable to wonder what they’re getting in return for dealing the death blow to their country. So when the globe goes muzz, where do these cretins think they’re going to go?

  5. isolation failed east Germany?


    How about the COMMUNISM?

    The wall wasn’t about ISOLATIONISM, it wasn’t to keep people out!

    It was to keep the people IN! MEIN GOTT IN HIMMEL!

  6. If she had any brains at all she’d deport every single worthless piece of shit rag head by the end of the month. She is killing Germany faster than muslims are. And, yes, she deserves the same treatment as Mussolini. The money she gave to Greece will NEVER be repaid.

  7. There is NO WAY your country will be improved by allowing muzzies to immigrate.

    This verminous infection will surely destroy it’s host.
    It should be isolated, quarantined and displayed as a reminder how NOT to run your country.

    You will live to regret this.

  8. The perspective of history may shed some light on this matter.

    Before the European Union was the Holy Roman Empire.

    After it will come the Caliphate.
    And when the muzzies take over, they will neutralize all who do not toe the line, including the enablers who allowed them access to their once-prosperous new homes.
    Merkel (and other heads of state) who have allowed Muslims entry and support will be faced with either revolt by their current constituents, or a revolution/insurrection by the new residents. It will be necessary to either eradicate the threat, or face the consequences.
    Mark my words.

    So much for Europe.

    In this country, we got a wakeup call on 9-11.
    And then everybody fell asleep again.


    Around the beginning of the 20th century historians, even smart ones, began to predict the coming New World Order. (I am thinking of Durant, Wells, Wilson and Orwell here.)
    Of course this was nothing new- bear in mind Alexander, the Caesars, the Huns, the Moors and the Ottomans.

    But I doubt those historians, even the smart ones, expected the world would be dominated by Moslem preachers.

    It won’t be pretty.

    *end of rant*

  9. I am still, and probably the only one, with the opinion that Islam is on its last legs. It won’t be around in 100 years. Only ignorance, Saudi money, and intimidation keep it alive. A Muslim will convert to Christianity readily if not for the threat of being murdered for apostasy.

    As for the Germans, they’ll put and end to this in good time. If the Muslims don’t assimilate or leave, expect to hear the “The Horst Wessel Song” again.

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