Mexico: AMLO vs Big Agriculture

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Make Mexico Great Again, AMLO Moves to Confront BigAg Blocking Imports of Glyphosate and Genetically Engineered Corn.

Generally speaking, the working-class Mexicans support Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador (AMLO), but find themselves frustrated by his seemed naivete about the scale of internal corruption.  AMLO is in a tough spot, because of the corrupt influence of cartel money combined with the influence of multinational corporations taking advantage of his nation.

President Lopez-Obrador and President Trump found their common partnership easy, because the Trump doctrine was essentially supporting the authentic voice of the Mexican people; while asking for help on specific issues (border security).

President Trump supported America-First, and President Lopez-Obrador supported Mexico-First; neither Trump nor AMLO put corporate needs in front of their citizens.

The United States, Mexico-Canada trade Agreement (USMCA) was built upon that foundation.  However, the CoC multinationals were unhappy about the overall USMCA agreement, because it did not protect them from economic nationalism.

Economic nationalism is exactly what President Lopez-Obrador is attempting to leverage against Big Agriculture, specifically Monsanto Inc, and we support it 100%. more here

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  1. Stifling free trade and forbidding weed killer is going to “…enable Mexican farmers to reclaim their livelihoods within their home country.”

  2. For those without farming knowledge.
    GMO Corn and Soy Beans makes glyphosate the preferred weed killer, the GMO Corn and soybeans are resistant to glyphosate(Round-up).
    Glyphosate is a known carcinogenic. Glyphosate kills everything, grass, weeds, and even trees. Absorbed through the leaves, it kills the root system. I’m sure some of the glyphosate is retained in the grain harvested. So all the GMO corn and soybeans are filled with a known carcinogenic.
    As a kid we always fanned(removed dirt, sticks, and splits) soybeans from the previous year and used them for seed. The GMO corn and Soybeans are copyright protected, so it is illegal to reuse the seed the following year.

    If you have ever wander how much farm subsidies are in your area, you can find it here. By subsiding the farmers the government indirectly subsidizes the chemical companies.
    Choose a state, county, Top Recipients, and it will show who receives the most money. Also many big farmers have multiple entities, to collect more money.

  3. Everything we eat has been manipulated and much of it is inedible.
    Both chicken and pork have been made so lean that neither has any flavor. Both are tough and dry as well.
    Quality meats are outrageously expensive for the average family.
    The reality is that big business has changed everything in order to make themselves richer. The lack of quality is not their concern.


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