Mexico president says he’s willing to meet with Trump

Reuters: Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said on Tuesday he was willing to meet with Donald Trump, months after comparing the Republican presidential candidate to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

“Yes, I would meet with him,” Pena Nieto said, referring to Trump in a pre-taped television interview broadcast on Tuesday night.

“I have never met him. I can’t agree with some of the things he has said, but I will be absolutely respectful and will seek to work with whomever becomes the next president of the United States.”  MORE

13 Comments on Mexico president says he’s willing to meet with Trump

  1. The Burrito Boss would be more amicable towards Trump, Had Trumps political leanings been more inline with Fidel Or Hoogo.

  2. Reality is settling in.

    What to do if all of those incoming wires are taxed at 35%?
    No more pressure relief with millions of disaffected Mexicans stuck in your shithole?
    All that cartel money drying up?


  3. Now why would he even make that offer if Trump was already beaten? This would be the time to stick the knife in for Hillary. Then again, maybe he’s noticed that she’s not looking so well lately, and sick old ladies don’t command much respect from macho Mexicans.

  4. The guy doesn’t look like a complete idiot! I guess looks can be deceiving after all!!!

  5. A bit slow in coming around but I think he is starting to realize that it will be Trump he has to deal with and not Hillary.

  6. I swear I heard these approximate words out of Hew Hewitt’s mouth this morning, and not as a quote of someone else:

    “We need to elect Trump, if only because of the Supreme Court.”

    I might have missed the “some say”, but I’d like to think that there is an awakening among the nevertrumpers/GOPe rump. Anybody else hear him say that?

  7. Amazing that he can see the writing on the ‘wall’, when the idiot GOP stands knee-deep in quick sand, refusing the stick offered to pull them out. Jackasses.

  8. “Yes, I would meet with him,” Pena Nieto said,”

    “after conducting my own polls it truly shows hillary has no support with the people.” “if I don’t get in line with the Donald, he might send all our criminals back home to us after we just got rid of them.” “who’s going to pay for that?”

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