Mexico Sends Almost 15,000 Troops to US-Mexico Border to Curb Illegal Immigration

Epoch Times:

Mexico has deployed just under 15,000 soldiers and National Guard members in the north of the country to curb the flow of illegal immigrationacross the border into the United States, Mexican Defense Minister Luis Cresencio Sandoval said on Monday, June 24.

Sandoval said that the soldiers were needed to back up migration officials in containment operations.

In addition to 6,500 security force personnel who have already been sent to Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala, a larger contingent is now in the north, he said, according to Reuters. Most of the people caught on the U.S.-Mexico border are from three Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

“In the northern part of the country, we have a total deployment of 14,000, almost 15,000 units between the National Guard and the Army,” Sandoval told a news conference in Cancun.

“If we left it completely in the hands of the National Institute of Migration it wouldn’t be possible,” he added, according to Reuters. “That’s why we’re providing support, it’s a strategy being pursued on both borders.” read more

12 Comments on Mexico Sends Almost 15,000 Troops to US-Mexico Border to Curb Illegal Immigration

  1. We’ll get blamed for the atrocities committed… by our own people!
    I’m ready to disown “our own people” in the democRAT party and their complicit, good-fer-nuthin-but-lies-&-propaganda Knee-Pad Media!!

  2. I’m thinking more of a Breach threat..15,000? Better put a Texas

    Ranger down there to watch them.

  3. The part of the “Mexica Army” I have seen in Tijuana looks like young teenagers with a automatic weapon slung. over their shoulder. No military discipline, no order. Just a herd of people moving in the same direction, roughly. The weapons were probably empty.

  4. “Mexico Sends Almost 15,000 Troops to US-Mexico Border to Curb Illegal Immigration”

    And yet, for some reason, I feel …uneasy.

  5. How long before the 15,000 go in business for themselves and start charging “Admission Fees” to let the “migrants” get past?

  6. They’ll build a human pyramid up against the wall and charge illegals for climbing over them.

  7. gotta state, my first thought was “fookin mexico is planning an invasion….” but then I realized that began many years ago.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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