Michigan Man Commits Robbery So He Can Go Back To Prison


A Michigan man who attempted to rob a restaurant said that he committed the crime so he could go back to jail. On July 9, Mark Wilson, 59, walked into a Hardee’s in Escanaba and handed the cashier a note saying that he was robbing the establishment. He then went into the restroom and waited for police officers to arrive. He surrendered and was taken into custody without incident.  

When Wilson faced the judge for his most recent robbery attempt, he explained that he wanted to return to prison. Wilson’s criminal record dates back to 1983, and he was most recently released from prison in 2012, following a conviction for robbing an Arby’s in 2009. He completed the terms of his parole in 2014 but was unable to adjust to life outside of prison. keep reading

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  1. You get a library, a gym, hot showers, meals, a great laundry service, outdoor activity area, there’s a gameroom, communal activities, a guaranteed job if you want it, shopping……makes me wonder if I’m on the wrong track in life?

  2. This kind of thing is more common than you think. The reason: there is no more “hard time” in prison: prisoners do not have to work.

    When you are 59, and lived in prison for most of your life and have acclimated to being institutionalized, it’s a relaxing gig, making it attractive to return to. If the likes of this guy had to toil at hard labor, he’d get a job on the outside.

  3. There is always the fact that you may not be suited for the outside. Maybe you are better suited for taking orders and told how to live each and every aspect of your life, like a democrat.

    BUT…you also run the risk of being shot/killed during the robbery attempt. Which may or may not be worth taking the risk of living under democrat rule.

  4. Yeah, wants to lay around all day and smoke cigarettes well I remember the Sheriff in Joe Kidd: “You think you’re gonna lay in bed and let Elmer wait on you, well you’re gonna work. You’re gonna paint, you’re gonna pick up trash”
    I would have prison either be a work farm where they grow food and work all day there. Or there would be long troughs on either side of a small hill. These troughs are all full of cannonballs. All day every day, these prisoners would lug those cannon balls over the hill to the other trough. That’s it for all day day.
    Barring those two ideas, I could always just have them make gravel all day
    It ain’t supposed to be better than the outside

  5. Heard that from an old guy at the county jail once. He envied the inmates.

    Why? I asked.

    “Roof over my head. Three meals a day. No bills. Medical attention. It’s tough out here.”

    What about your freedom?

    “Nah! It’s better in here.”

    I’m starting to think the cruise ship idea may be something to consider.

    A robot steered and served one that springs a leak half way to Alaska.


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