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The Queen of All America: A Memoir.

Former first lady Michelle Obama has chosen to bless us with her first book post-White House,  a memoir titled “Becoming” that is set to hit the store shelves Tuesday. It follows Obama’s journey from the South Side of Chicago to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Middle Finger News was able to steal attain an advance readers copy of the 426-page book and undertook the arduous task of reading it so you don’t have to. We even mustered enough enthusiasm to write a review for you, because we’re just that kinda people…….

Even though she resides in the top .001% of wealth, power and celebrity, Ms. Obama never lets us forget the deep personal pain of growing up in a middle-class, two-parent household and receiving one of the finest educations the world can offer. She gives the reader the impression she’s felt most of her life people saw her a large unattractive woman, because so many address her “Sir”.

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    …and take your Trump deranged, voice cracking, arm flailing, has been, pathetic husband with you.

  2. Won’t forgive Trump? Lol. The typical attitude of a moslem falsely presenting as a Christian. To forgive is….Christian.

  3. Maybe she’s on Fentanyl…looks like she’s morphing into Prince.
    Up next, Barack releases ‘The “Half” Black’ album.

  4. Becoming … for your chicken leg
    Becoming … for the Buffett Tray
    Becoming … for all dat free shit


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