Migrants Burn Down Living Quarters After Not Being Woken Up for Ramadan Breakfast

MRCTV: Forget taking responsibility for your own life. Just institute chaos every time someone else doesn’t remind you of your own responsibilities.

This is apparently what happened at the Dusseldorf refugee camp in Germany on Tuesday. Migrants that live in the hall-turned-camp provided for them for free by the oh-so tolerant German government burned it to the ground, reportedly because they were not woken up for Ramadan breakfast.

Some people get a little cranky when they miss a meal, but this is taking it to another level.

The camp houses approximately 280 people.  MORE

SNIP: How about checking the batteries in your sundial before you get bitchy with the staff?

22 Comments on Migrants Burn Down Living Quarters After Not Being Woken Up for Ramadan Breakfast

  1. People (and I use the term loosely) like these are why we can’t have nice things.

    The German Gubberment gave them – GAVE them – a nice place to live. And they burned it down. No more Mr Nice Guy. You can either live in the ashes, or we can ship you back to the hell hole that spawned your miserable quoranimal asses.


  2. I have never had that problem when “hungry” and couldn’t afford to eat regularly the stomach pains always kept me awake.
    I guess they weren’t too hunrgy anyway.

    where did personal responsibility go?
    I don’t see it anywhere.

  3. I just love stories like this. It makes me laugh all day at stupidity that comers and bites you on the butt. Reminds of the Dindu Nuffin Tribes when they burn their neighborhoods down and they have to live in the squaller of their own doing.

  4. Yea, you get that type of behavior after multiple generations of inbreeding.
    This can not end well.

  5. Think of all the goat herding, head chopping, child raping, and stonings they were engaged in the night before. Besides, they don’t wake up to infidel alarm clocks. BHO should have been there lalalalalala’ing for them.

  6. Stupid fuckin Krauts.

    Maybe the Jews shoulda just burned THEIR camps down?

    Krauts say “Ach, du liebe! Der feelthy foogen ragheads dun gon unt burnded der kampen downed! Ve musten gettin der stupid Amerikans to pay us to builden anodder wun!”

    And Merkel will offer em all a goat … or two …

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. NOW, we know why your country is a misery-infested, violent, backward sh!thole that can only be controlled by a strongman leader with heavy weapons!

    Seriously, who thinks we can take savages who’ve lived under some modicum of “control” only at the point of a gun with the implied pain of death for getting out of line and put them in a civilized, western society?

    Why not just let all the wild zoo animals roam freely, too?

  8. This is what you get when you import a population in which the average IQ hovers around 70, inbreeding is rampant, and their prophet, who they worship as a god, was a thug and a murderous psychopath.

  9. I would build a fence around the “compound”, put them back inside and chuck bags of rice over the side and say “have at it”. We are done.

  10. @Burner. During ramalamadingdong, mooselimbs fast during daylight hours. They wake up before sunrise, gorge themselves and then gorge themselves after the sun sets. Fasting, my ass! Where I come from, this is called skipping lunch.

  11. Actually this was all over someone trying to wake them up by saying: “Wakey, wakey, eggs and Bakey”

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