Milley Meme


Dear Unvaxxxed Ppl 🤣

h/t Brad.

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  1. bfloxng: “your daddy apppinted Milley, genius”

    bfloxng, you have no idea how any of this works, even after four years of demonstration. I blame your media and your party for some of that, but you are a hard case, and you’re going to have to deal with your innate, crippling, willful ignorance yourself, or continue to suffer the unexpected pain it brings you on a regular basis.

  2. That fucking Ranger patch will bug me to my grave. I’m an old fuck who’s an excellent judge of character. Or lack there of. Milley has zero Patriotism to our country. He considers it a joke. Well I consider him a joke. I hope to God he gets what he deserves

  3. not only the Ranger patch & the jump-wings, but the CIB

    he commanded troops that jumped & commanded troops that were in combat, but I’m willing to bet he actually performed neither

  4. I used to work right next to the O Club and Watkins Field, the parade ground, on Ft Lewis and that meme is 100% spot on. Ft Lewis was/is home to the 2nd of the 75th. Let’s just say there are Airborn Rangers and there are “Airborn Rangers” and nobody ain’t bullshittin nobody which is which as my hunting buddy who was CSM in the Ranger battalion said.

  5. Over the years I have never been anything close to utilizing prayer as I should have, but I have noted that there has been a reoccurring theme on occasion.

    God please give them justice and soon if possible.

  6. Is that what they mean by “Fruit Salad” on Both Levels re: Milley and his football buddy Rachel Levine?

  7. Milley looks like one of those Nork generals with all those decorations. He’ll have to start stringing them down his pant legs next.

  8. Eisenhower didn’t just win “a” war, he won the greatest military conflict the world has ever seen!

    He also warned us about the “military industrial complex”, and judging by all the “flair” on Milley’s uniform they must be working overtime.

  9. The list of traitors needing a rope is growing larger than I can take care of personally.

  10. That’s a lot of self righteousness on display. Benedict Arnold Milley will never escape his role in the Biden Catastrophe in Afghanistan. They will both own it forever.

  11. And another of those medals is for carrying the greatest number of Ben-Wa balls up his ass for the longest time (third row, near the center).
    I know cuz I was awarded one (without Oak Leaves) in Afghanistan.

  12. I’m just wondering if he was the guy that made the National Guard sleep in the garage in Washington DC for turning their backs on fake president during the Great Steal?


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