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Minnesota: Measles spread among Somali refugees stretches health system

WND: An outbreak of measles is sweeping through a community of Somali refugees in Minnesota and the growing number of cases may be starting to test the limits of the Hennepin County healthcare system.

According to reports from the health commissioner’s office, there are now 30 cases of children in Hennepin County who have been diagnosed with measles, and 28 of them are Somali children who have not been vaccinated. All of the cases involve children 5 years of age and younger.

There have been 10 new cases of measles reported in Hennepin County in just the last four days.

What’s worse, the outbreak has now spread to Ramsey and Stearns counties, where two more cases have now been reported, making a total of 32 cases in Minnesota as of 1:30 p.m. Friday.

The first Minnesota case was reported in March and has been steadily growing each week.

It is the worst measles outbreak in Hennepin County, which includes the city of Minneapolis, since 2011, when 26 cases were reported.  MORE

16 Comments on Minnesota: Measles spread among Somali refugees stretches health system

  1. Much ado about nothing. In the 50s all grade school children got measles, mumps and chicken pox. No parents ran around snowflaking. The children returned to school innoculated by Mom Nature.

  2. If measles is the only thing were have to be concerned about from islamic Somali refugees, we would be lucky.
    It’s the disease of Mohamad’s islam that is at a pandemic level in Europe and spreading fast. islam is a terminal disease to freedom loving peoples.

  3. Why?
    “Yep. Ya got the measles. Go back to Somalia and die.”

    “… making a total of 32 cases in Minnesota …” THAT stretches the system?
    Then the system ain’t much worth a fuck in the first place. If you accept the filthy diseased immigrants, then you accept the filthy diseases which accompany them. Cannot be otherwise.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Well. If things continue like this, in light of manifestly rampant Islamophobia, the day will come where we will have to ask all children to forgo the vaccination – all – in solidarity with those who refuse it for religious reasons.

  5. Decades upon decades of medical knowledge and innovation brought to bear against illnesses and it all gets sacrificed on the altar of PC.

  6. So what’s a few puss riddled sores on the body going to harm? This is just one of the scourges of their religion.

  7. Hey, let’s bring even more in to our country!
    Imagine the exotic diseases we might get to see and, of course, pay for.

  8. The full costs of importing backward third worlders into our country are astronomical, and a huge contributor to our $20T debt and making us the world’s largest debtor nation. Brilliant. I believe the majority of congress wants us to keep doing this. We are “led” by imbeciles.

  9. Are they sharing burka’s?
    I say to a North American Indian friend of mine that he should be grateful, if it wasn’t for us, he wouldn’t be immune to smallpox today.

  10. How about just making the rule for gaining entrance is a list of inoculations they got while waiting for entry

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