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Miss AI Beauty Contest Announced

UK Daily Mail

Beauty, poise, and classical pageantry might not be what first springs to mind when you think of AI.  

But contestants in the world’s first AI beauty pageant will need all of these in spades if they are to claim their share of a $20,000 (£16,000) prize pool. 

The Fanvue Miss AI pageant will see AI-generated ladies go head-to-head in front of a panel of judges, including two AI influencers. More

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  1. The world has become a completely fucked up place. What is it with these sick pukes and fake women?

    These people give names to computer generated bullshit and pay real money to see them.

  2. I was married to the best woman that I ever knew for 35 and a half years. And even though I’m single now I don’t need or want an AI generated image of a good-looking woman ever. I’d call that the same as pornography since it’s only an imaginary image of a woman.

  3. You can read various places that there’s a large segment of young men that never date. Never meet woman. Are scared to death of the requirements now put on men by society. They just hang out on their computers and watch porn. They’ve checked out. What a shitty way to live. This crap just makes things worse.

  4. MrLiberty
    WEDNESDAY, 17 APRIL 2024, 14:24 AT 2:24 PM
    “The Decline of Western Civilization will be SO WELL DOCUMENTED.”

    It will not.

    The storage is all electronic and will not survive even a short test of time.

    Try to access files created in an MSDOS word processor application and stored on a floppy disk to see what I mean.

    And electronic records are always subject to easy alteration or deletion, and are in control of people who love to alter or delete history.

    This will be a new Dark Age, with no physical documents to be unearthed to say how we lived or what happened to us in future.

    If any survive this era to have future decendants.

  5. GM – DQ used to call them the “Brazier Burger” Back in the 70s.
    We called ’em Brassiere Burgers.
    The name “Brazier Burger” has been slowly phased out of signage and advertising since 1993.
    Maybe we were the reason!

  6. There have been a few times at the end of a meal, where there was some left over, that a cute waitress would ask:”Wanna box for that”
    I’d say “No… I’d rather wrestle for it”

  7. If you look at pictures of 19th century women, before wearing make-up was common, you realize most women are not naturally pretty. For that matter, few men are truly handsome. I ain’t for sure.

    Remember how most girls looked when you were in elementary school? Freckles, moles, skin marks/acne of some kind, maybe asymmetric features, unattractive mousy hair? Scrape off the make-up from a current “babe” and she will not look nearly as pretty as you thought.

    In elementary school, I remember only a very few girls that I think would grow up and still be pretty.

    AI is giving people the wrong idea of attractiveness – too perfect. Very few people will attain that and certainly not for their entire lives. Check out Brigitte Bardot in a recent photo. Cute as heck 60 years ago. Not so much now. Time has taken its toll.

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