Missouri: It’s Hawley vs.McCaskill

Daily Caller: Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley won the state’s Republican senate primary Tuesday evening, kicking off a race against Democratic primary winner and incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Hawley edged out a victory over a field of 11 Republicans, taking 59 percent of the vote. McCaskill defeated six other Democrats to win 84 percent of her party’s vote.

McCaskill has $6.6 million cash on hand after raising $22.4 million, while Hawley has $2.3 million after raising $5.3 million, according to OpenSecrets.

McCaskill is considered to be one of the senate’s most vulnerable Democrats, trying to stay in the favor of a constituency that heavily favored President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election cycle. Trump won Missouri by roughly 19 percentage points against Hillary Clinton.

The two-term Democratic incumbent also holds a negative approval rating in Missouri, a fact which Hawley seized upon in campaign ads that he ran in May.   more here

4 Comments on Missouri: It’s Hawley vs.McCaskill

  1. That sow has stuffed her and her husbands pockets enough. Time for her to take her ill-gotten gains and move along. Someone else is nudging her over to get their snout in the trough.

  2. Msconskill is toast..take that to the bank, as much as I hate to ding my homies they lack ballot language literacy. Most thought a yes vote was a pro union vote and were reflexively voting no to an initiative with the word union in it. The ballot language is legalese and hard for the average joe to understand.

  3. You can bet Ryan and McConnell’s RINO PAC will schooch in with Hawley attack ads to usher saddlebags McCaskill back on her throne.

  4. I would vote for a dead orangutan before I’d vote for McCaskill – but voting has little to do with politics.

    She is an odious, fetid, corrupt-o-crat of the old school and has slid along on her greasy thighs her entire life.

    She has, indeed, stolen enough – some $130 Million at last count (directly from the taxpayers) – but there’s still more to steal; and influence-peddling is pretty lucrative, as well.

    I’d like to think that MO would wake to its danger, but from their giving the State away to Union Thuggery last night, I have my doubts. Apparently the illusion of gold-plated iron shackles is more enticing than the reality of Liberty.

    We will rue that vote.

    izlamo delenda est …


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