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Missouri: St. Louis Armed Citizen Shoots Two Would-Be Robbers

Bearing Arms:

A pair of armed robbers in St. Louis, Missouri picked the wrong target on Wednesday night, attempting to rob a man at gunpoint who had a gun of his own.

Police were called out to the Carondelet neighborhood on the city’s south side just before 11:00 p.m. on reports of a shooting. When they arrived on scene, they found one man who had been fatally shot in the head, and a short time later took another individual into custody about two miles away with a gunshot wound to the leg. After investigating, authorities determined that the pair had tried to rob a 31-year old man at gunpoint, when the intended victim drew his own firearm and shot in self-defense. more here

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  1. I’m guessing from the reportage that it wasn’t two white guys trying to rob a black guy?

    Can’t really tell, of course, and not sure it matters, anyway – but if there were some depraved rednecks drivin der pick-em-ups roun St. Louis robbing upstanding black guys, there’d probably be some indication – if only to give those upstanding black guys a “heads up” so they don’t get surprised.
    (bein St. Louis, and the fact that Al Sharpton hasn’t showd up, and the headlines ain’t screaming “racism!” I’m surmising that it was black guys robbing another black guy)

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. All democrat controlled cities are dysfunctional.

  3. At least 1 taxpayer relief shot was gotten in. Could have been 2, but I’m thinking the guy was conserving ammo, with the prices being sky high these days.

  4. “A” for the head shot. “C-” for the leg shot. I gave credit if he was running. Unless you are Wyatt Earp, always aim at center mass.

  5. the poor, misunderstood, late, child criminal would have survived the head shot, if not for the chinese ccp wuhan virus

  6. always aim at center mass

    Nobody trains center mass anymore. It’s CNS

  7. Wait. Shooter didn’t call police and report it himself? They had to find out through someone else calling about shots heard?

    Something ain’t right there.

    I tell my sons, if you feel threatened enough you feel the need to pull out your gun, call the police ahead of time, if possible. Most certainly call them ASAP afterwards.

    #1 son: No worries. We have a protocol in place.
    (he’s a cop)

    Was talkin’ to your brothers, smart-aleck.

  8. The one that lived, I wonder if he learned a lesson from this and will reform or if he will just continue pursuing his profession of armed robber?

  9. “Nobody trains center mass anymore. It’s CNS”

    Groin shots are just as effective at stopping someone, and usually an easier target than head shots.

  10. He gave them a ‘Little something extra’ (from The Shootist)

  11. guess who will probably end up in jail and it’s not the would be robbers.

  12. “Canoe”

    Federal HST can do that for you.


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