Moderna CEO $tate$ Likelihood for Boo$ter $hots Every Year – IOTW Report

Moderna CEO $tate$ Likelihood for Boo$ter $hots Every Year

Yeah, that’s right. Roll ’em up, slaves. You will NEVER EVER be “fully vaxxed”

CTH: Moderna Chairman Noubar Afeyan appeared on Fox Business News with Maria Bartiromo earlier today.  [Watch the first four minutes]  As Ms. Bartiromo gleefully congratulates Moderna and Mr. Afeyan for their incredible mRNA technology, the CEO notes there could be a ‘continues need for boosting’ every year.

Watch carefully how Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Maria Bartiromo introduces Mr. Noubar Afeyan to her audience at the beginning. more

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  1. There are a dozen different iterations about ceding power and how difficult it is to get it back. Biden, Faucci, and a handful of blue state governors have discovered how easy the populace can be cowed/enslaved with a little pseudo-science, coercion, and the illusory promise of safety.

  2. “Moderna CEO $tate$ Likelihood for Boo$ter $hots Every Year”

    — which they just so happen to manufacture, by the way. Totally coincidental. Totally not a conspiracy.

  3. They will say you need a booster every 6 months until you die, it’s like a subscription that is hard to get out of.

  4. Really should be quarterly. You know, so the pharmas can report nice, steady revenue streams.
    Seriously though, there is a lot of backlash growing. I see a lot of change for the better coming soon.

  5. And dumb fucks will excitedly roll up their sleeve for the experimental jab until it finally kills them, they sprout a second head or third eye. How many of these retards ran out for the annual flu shot??

  6. Hmm, sounds a lot like the “regular” flu that seems to mutate every year. The biggest difference I see is that I have the choice about getting my annual flu shot.

  7. I plan to be fully “vaccinated”…. the year after my untimely demise. FJB/LGB/FTF/FMJ (moderna jab)

  8. Fucking disgusting fat pig.

    And that CEO is evil personified.

    All this absolute bullshit over a flu virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

    Studies are now being released proving an increase in mortality for illnesses from cancer to heart problems since the start of “vaccinations” 28% in the UK. 28%!!! in just 1 year.

    Idiot Congressmen and bureaucrats are releasing these “vaccine” companies from any liability and at the same time, saying we’re not going to know how they affect people until we start injecting them.

    yeah, that’s just what’s gonna get me to roll up my sleeve.

    None of this would have been possible without the idiotization of generations of young adults performed by the members of the teacher’s unions. They’ve succeeded waaay beyond any expectations they might have had.


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