Mom leaves child at McDonald’s to go to the casino

fox2now – Peoria, Az. – A woman was arrested late Wednesday night after Peoria police discovered she left her 9-year-old child unsupervised at a McDonald’s to go gamble at the Desert Diamond Casino, according to court documents.

According to Peoria police, they received a call from an employee at a McDonald’s near 91st and Olive avenues regarding a welfare check for a child who had been left unsupervised for more than an hour at the fast food chain. The employee allegedly told police the child looked “dirty and was disheveled.”

The 9-year-old told police that his mother, identified in court documents as Stacy Rupp, 34, was “going to the casino and to a friend’s house.” Rupp returned to the McDonald’s around the same time police arrived and told officers she had been shopping at a Fry’s Marketplace located in the same shopping complex. read more

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  1. Sadly, this sort of irresponsibility is all too common these days. Hopefully the kid will land in a good home.

  2. As a Professional Gambler Myself ( $8 a day on Lotto) I can See where

    She’s coming from…Kid was probably Bad JuJu around the Tables.

    And let’s face it …She didn’t mean to break the Law.

  3. We raise strong independent kidz here in Gods country.

    Also, lots of alki meth smoking stripper moms.

    But the point is, our kidz can mug all your kidz from other states.

  4. Gambling away the child support check. One of my trashy older sister’s favorite pastimes back in the ’90s.

  5. Thats nothing. You ought to see all the free range native american kids dropped off at the city library.

  6. Maybe she was hoping McVommit would lose the kid. Hey, I’ve seen kids like that. Probably better than dropping a toddler off at Colonel Sanders and returning to find Kentucky fried rat.

  7. Ahhhh, casinos – the LEGALIZED raping of the citizens who are bad at math, for mafi-… I mean, “GUMMINT,” coffers. 😳

    Too bad the GUMMINT schools didn’t do a BETTER job of math ejumakayshun, no?

    Nope. They did it JUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST right… 🤭

  8. Lazlo Emeritus, the first one in this country, arrived on ship from the Old Country at age seven accompanied only by an older brother age twelve.
    The oldest went to sea and the youngest worked in the dockyards.
    I hear tell by the time he went to sea himself at twelve, he smoked like a chimney, cursed like a sailor, and could drink a Baptist preacher under the table.
    I remember being told to amuse myself at school until one of my parents came home from work. Often this was after six, me being let out at two-thirty. So I am not up in arms about the kid being dropped off somewhere to fend for himself.
    If she had gone shopping, I would say no big wup.
    However the casino bit retards my sympathies

  9. Bob M, the Casino racket is a fiendishly clever scheme of the American Indians to seek redress for past grievances from the great-grandsons of the White-Eyes by separating them from their money.
    As far as revenge goes, I’d give it an Eight.

  10. You’re supposed to put Benadryl in their pudding, wait for them to pass out, then go to the casino.

  11. Lots of single mothers fantasize about leaving their kids at McDs just to get a break. Leave it to a crackhead “mother” to be stupid and crazy enough to make it a reality. Poor kid.

  12. The daughter of a friend worked at Build-a-Bear and FAO Swartz in our local mall. She said parents often dropped off their kids at the toy store and would go shopping or even to lunch and come back a couple hours later. She would call Security, and they would call the cops. Amazingly, so many parents thought nothing of leaving their 4, 5, & 6 year olds, claiming that the store employees would watch them.

    9 year olds should be able to fend for themselves. When I was 8 I used to take the city buses all over Wiesbaden and nobody batted an eye.

  13. But if she’da killed it in the oven nobody’d give a fuck?
    Niggah, please.

    Kid was less likely to be abused than if it was at school or Joey Biden’s house.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Losers make up the majority of the “people” who frequent casinos. If everyone at a casino, the casino’s would fold up faster than a tornado in a trailer park.


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