Moments of Infamy

Father Schmitt and the USS Oklahoma

Learn about the USS Oklahoma Memorial in the first of a new web series featuring Park Ranger Jason Ockrassa. Jason will take you to significant sites all over the island of Oahu and explain exactly what happened in those locations during the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941, and beyond. Some of those sites include Hickam Field, Ford Island, Wheeler Field, Schofield Barracks, the location of the Opana Mobile Radar Station, all the sites for each of the battleships and their memorials, and many more. For many of these sites, Jason will feature a personal story of someone who died in the conflict or survived to tell their story.DURATION:1 minute, 21 seconds

Ford Island and Pearl Harbor Survivor Chuck Kohler

Park Ranger Jason Ockrassa takes us to Ford Island, Hanger 54 (very near Hanger 6, the first building hit on Ford Island) and the seaplane ramp. This area is where Pearl Harbor Survivor Chuck Kohler was located on the morning of December 7, 1941. Chuck was one of many service members who was able to fight back during the attack. Here Jason explains what Chuck did that morning.

How the B-25 Mitchell Bomber Helped In Fight Against Japan

The North American B-25 Mitchell served in every theater of World War II. Learn about how this aircraft helped the United States fight back after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Sixteen B-25’s took part in the successful Doolittle Raid against Japan in April 1942
.DURATION:2 minutes, 40 seconds

A lot more HERE

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  1. I’ve been reading “Pacific Payback: The Carrier Aviators Who Avenged Pearl Harbor At The Battle of Midway” by Stephen L. Moore, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this subject. Also, read John Toland’s “But Not In Shame” if you want to learn about what happened after Pearl Harbor when the Japanese conquered most of the colonial possessions in Asia.

  2. Thanks to IOTW for posting these links today…

    I did watch the first vid and I have to say I was a bit surprised if not SHOCKED that the ranger was touching, almost to lean, on one of those venerated posts.

    Don’t remember seeing that in 2000 when there last, but a very very well done memorial.

    Watching that oil surface, to that day at least, was one of the most humbling things to witness.

    God bless those sailors and airman…

  3. The USS Arizona Memorial sustained some minor damage, it being a ‘floating’ wet memorial, these things do happen and concrete piers in water for over 50 years a problem is eventually going to happen:

    “William Perkins (comment section)- In 1961, ELVIS did a benefit concert to raise the money needed to build the Memorial.”

    Never heard that one!?

  4. My mom was almost twelve when the attack at Pearl Harbor happened. Her next door neighbor joined the Navy and went down with the USS Arizona. His name was Jack Stevens. RIP, Jack!

  5. Here are some videos of Pearl Harbor Vet Everett Hyland.
    Everett passed this year in July at 96.
    Unable to test these links first, cannot say if they work.
    Sending them blind.

    Interview of Everett Hyland Pearl Harbor
    Duration: 5:48 Posted: Jul 18, 2010
    Interview 87 year old Pearl Harbor survivor Everett Hyland from the U.S.S. Pennsylvania at the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial.

    Pearl Harbor survivor Everett Hyland has died
    Duration: 3:17 Posted: Jul 24, 2019
    Pearl Harbor survivor Everett Hyland has died at the age of 96.

  6. December 7, 1941 – Pearl Harbor … Never Forget!

    (thank you MJA for posting)

    want to read a couple of great books on Pearl & Midway, you can’t go wrong w/ Gordon Prange’s ‘At Dawn We Slept’ & ‘Miracle At Midway’


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