Montana’s Dem Gov. Bullock Vetoes Newborn Care Bill

Bullock blocks anti-infanticide legislation as he prepares for 2020 bid.


Montana Democrat and expected 2020 presidential candidate Steve Bullock vetoed a bill that would have ensured newborns who survive abortion receive life-saving care.

Gov. Bullock vetoed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which was passed by both chambers of the Republican-controlled legislature. Bullock, who did not respond to requests for comment, became the second Red State Democratic governor to block such protections after North Carolina’s Roy Cooper vetoed a similar bill in April. His decision comes as he prepares to enter the 2020 Democratic primary.

Republicans introduced the legislation following Virginia Democratic governor Ralph Northam’s controversial remarks in support of late-term abortion. Northam, a career doctor, said that life-saving care could be withheld from an abortion survivor unless a mother requests it.

“I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother,” Northam said.

Bullock, a two-term governor, has campaigned as a moderate Democrat, which helped him to win re-election with 50.3 percent of the vote even as President Trump won the state with 56 percent. The veto brings him firmly in line with the crowded primary field. Every Democratic presidential candidate in the U.S. Senate voted against newborn protections. Terry Schilling, executive director of the American Principles Project, said his “radical” abortion position was a “missed opportunity” for the moderate wing of the Democratic Party.  more here

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  1. “Bullock, who did not respond to requests for comment,…”

    How can you be so solid about killing babies but incapable of comment?

  2. Bullock is at best a pink diaper baby. He was born in Butte, (d) stronghold, and spent much of his life here in Nolackaloonies, the state capitol. He’s pretty much an anti-gun owner, as are most MT (d)s these days. He vetoed a bill to prevent the application of sharia law in MT last session, with the still used vacuous (d) slogan “that’s not who we are” as his justification. This session he vetoed a bill that would have outlawed sanctuary jurisdictions and also vetoed a bill that would forbid local jurisdictions (e.g., Missoula) from enacting gun control ordinances that are more onerous and intrusive than permitted by existing state laws. Despite being a lawyer, he seems unfamiliar with MT’s Constitutional guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms as an individual right. He is a life long sleazy pol. Our sons went to school with him here in Nolackaloonies – where he was involved in JHS and HS politics – and he always expressed his desire to be President and a life long politician. Our sons detested him, pretty much, for his self indulgent, self aggrandizing phoniness. I hope he does run for President and gets his ass ripped off and handed to him. That way, he probably won’t run against our (r) senator, Steve Daines, who is doing a good job for us. Daines’ seat reportedly will be sought by another Nolackaloonies wonderpol, a Liberian immigrant and recently naturalized uberlib, virtue signaling citizen who now serves as Mayor of Nolackaloonies (still in his first term). All of this would be ludicrous if it weren’t so sad an indicator of the current intellectual state of many MT voters.

  3. @forcibyderanged Your insights into Montana politics just makes me sad! For fun (!!!) I look for art/design jobs in Montana just to see what’s there. I followed one that took me to a cool design firm in Great Falls. The bios of the designers there read as if it was SanFran or Seattle. One girl, fresh from art school wasn’t sure about living in MT as a lesbian/trans but she found her community there in big sky country. Made me feel as outsider as I do here in Seattle. Nooooo not Montana too?!?

  4. I love Montana. They have an idiot governor just like we do in Wash. State who thinks that he can become President, fat chance, he’s just another Bozo on the democraps overloaded clown bus. I still believe that real Montanans far outnumber the number of libs in the state and there are far more cows in Montana than people. And besides Winters in Montana can be brutal so it does keep some of the riff raff away.

  5. …I want THIS guy to stay in it, too. He, like the others, has NO real chance, but the more they keep, the more they fight among themselves, the more they take money and attention from each other, the further left they run for the REST of the Country to see, the more they write commercials that REPUBLICANS can use against the eventual front-runner, and the more likely it is that what fans they DO have WON’T vote when THEY aren’t picked.

    so PLEASE stay in it, Mr. Montana. It’s YOUR year, REALLY! Go SHRED your Democrat opposition, and lead your proles into the Communist future! 😉

  6. “an indicator of the current intellectual state of many MT voters.”

    Californication? They keep fleeing and infesting other states.

    Neuter and spay Californians.

  7. Heh heh heh,

    Good work. He hears my calling! I may appoint Bullock as overseer of the dismemberment squad.

    Ha ha ha ha! Just kidding.

    He goes into the fire like the rest. I really don’t have any say so at that point. Just trying to take as many with me as possible.

  8. Montana is just a step “behind” Washington, Colorado and Oregon in transitioning to a blue state. All the most beautiful places are taken over and ruined by progressives.

  9. Nothing so crude as literally sacrificing a child on the alter of Moloch, but same result.
    These are purely evil specimens of H.S.

  10. @ Illustr8tr and Geoff: We love the State too, as do our sons. We’re long ago transplants from “back East” and are stunned at the shifts to the left we’ve seen here since we arrived in ’64. But we still hope that the State is mostly “red’ like the USA. Our map of 2016 electoral results is much like that of the USA in 2016, with “blue” islands surrounded by “red” sea. The Indian Reservations are reliable (d) vote bastions, and Butte/Anaconda/Missoula and Nolackaloonies are as well. Bozeman, formerly a cowboy town has become another “blue” cancer in the last decade or so, thanks to the new “modem cowboys”, MSU and the very financially comfortable attracted by the amenities. And you can guess the uniform position of “the press” here in MT. Those population centers comprise about half the voting public. Generally, the rest of the State is “red”.

    I was hiking with a former lib friend -a “congenital (d)” – some years ago and we were discussing what the terms “Liberal” and “Conservative” meant those days (and still today). His position was that “Liberal” meant that one believed that “there’s a role for government”, not mentioning that many of “them” believe that government should have THE only role, and conservativism meant there is no role for government. He then mentioned that other (d)s were suffering some confusion though and referred to a lifelong “congenital) (d)” from Miles City saying “****, I don’t recognize the party anymore. They ALLL seem to be either commies or queers”. My then friend thought that the opinion was a bit extreme and I didn’t have the heart to tell him – then – that the guy from Miles City had nailed it. Oh well! There’s still a lot of beauty and space here and great people once you “get outta town” in those populous blue areas.

    If either of you ever travel through here, I’d sure like to meet you and buy you a beer and maybe play. Nolackaloonies is in on the craft beer brewing bidness and we have 5 really good local breweries. A good and recognized distillery too. Fur has my contact info Geoff – and you already have it, Illustr8tr.

  11. Forcibly deranged I deliver flowers to Missoula and down to Hamilton on Sundays and occasionally on Wed. if they need it. I don’t go to Kalispell as often as I used to because it makes for a very long 14-15 hr. day by the time I’m done. I prefer the Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls and Flathead Lake area over Missoula. I still haven’t been to Glacier Natl. Park even though Columbia Falls is only 17 miles away from the Park, I may have to go make a special trip or short vacation up there. And everything has changed since 64 when I was 11, even here in E. Washington and N. Idaho. Where my grandparents lived just N. of CDA, Id. on their farm is all now very expensive houses which is too bad since it was excellent farmland.

  12. @ Geoff: If you haven’t taken Route 83 S from Kalispell down through Seeley Lake and to Clearwater Junction you’ve missed a beautiful drive. Rte. 83 runs along the Clearwater River drainage past a chain of beautiful little lakes between the W side of the Swan Range and the E side of the Mission Range, S of Swan Lake. Our favorite of the lakes is Rainy Lake, 12 miles N of Seeley at mile marker 27. It’s a little beauty with great mountain views, loons, occasional eagles, osprey, Stellar’s and Canada Jays, deer, occasional elk, and sometimes bar and lions (spray and good gun recommended by me for camping). Great cuts and cut-rainbow cross fishing, flies or lures. Smells and sounds good too. Late summer and early Fall best times to avoid the crowds. Try it sometime – you’ll like it.

  13. When I go to Big Fork on the East end of Flathead Lake I always come down the hwy. alongside the lake down to Polson, Mt. It’s a slow drive and takes 40-45 minutes to go 35 miles or so with a max speed of 50 mph but it’s always a beautiful drive. Especially when the cherries are in bloom in June and July.

  14. As a Montana Resident bullock is worthless POS. He knows he does not have a shot of winning the primary election but he is getting his name out there as a VP Candidate. If we were a higher population state he would have shot but it isn’t and he does not.


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