More than a gaffe: Joe Biden’s latest flub draws widespread concern and criticism – IOTW Report

More than a gaffe: Joe Biden’s latest flub draws widespread concern and criticism


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden sparked more concerns over his mental health after strange moments in his campaign speech from Pittsburgh.

The former vice president accused President Trump of “stoking violence” and called him a “toxic presence” during his first major campaign speech since the Democratic National Convention. But his remarks, delivered in front of a former Pittsburgh steel mill, gained instant social media attention for one particular moment that sent the video trending on Twitter.

“This is why the Biden campaign doesn’t want him to leave his basement — this guy isn’t playing with a full deck and it is so irresponsible that the media covers this up…” the president’s son, Eric Trump, tweeted.

Biden had ventured out of his home in Wilmington, Del., where he has been hiding out through the coronavirus pandemic. His trip to Pennsylvania Monday had limited supporters as his campaign team did not want to take any risks with the virus.

At one point during his remarks, Biden seemed to struggle to string words together into a complete sentence.

“COVID has taken this year — just since the outbreak — has taken 100 year. Look, here’s…the lives…it’s just…I mean, think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years,” the 77-year-old said. more

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  1. seriously … this guy’s about 4 cans short of a six-pack

    does anyone actually consider this person of continually reduced mental faculties a possibility for President of the United States?

    … are you f’ckin’ for real????

  2. “Biden had ventured out of his home in Wilmington, Del., where he has been hiding out through the coronavirus pandemic.” There’s a huge difference between hiding out and being hidden, and this guy is being hidden. I doubt he even realizes he’s running for president.

  3. Wow. There’s no recovering from that, is there? Is there?!

    How can this ridiculous show go on?

    I do think the thing for the Trump campaign, Jr. and all the rest of them to do right now, though, is to tone down the ridicule and turn up the “Poor, poor, Uncle Joe. He’s completely crackers now. How very sad. His campaign is abusing this elderly man.”

  4. Dementia Joe accused President Trump of STROKING violence …. not STOKING violence. I don’t think that was a slip of the tongue in the normal sense, but rather the demented meanderings of a brain damaged old man that no longer knows the difference between stroking and stoking as it applies to the English language. He is truly not physically or mentally capable of being the POTUS.

  5. Biden’s NOT the actual Dem candidate for President — he’s merely a Trojan Horse for whoever his VP pick was going to be (which we now know to be Kamala Harris, who’d never be elected on her own). If by some miracle he actually wins, six months to a year later, he’ll retire for health reasons, and she’ll take his place.

  6. He said “stroking”, not “stoking”.

    His “remarks” – not a speech – were not delivered to an audience but to a bare room with a few reporters and cameras.

  7. Poor old Joe’s got one wheel in the sand, and just like everything else, those fooking liberals are using him to push their commie agenda.
    I’ll bet the Clinttons already have his eulogy written.

  8. The rank and file democrat dupe, who is so good at organizING and marching in a circle and stomping his feet, has not started a protest to demand a new candidate? Even someone as demented as Biden could see that Biden is a terrible candidate.

  9. Biden and voters who think he’s the “man” are all demented. I’m losing faith in homes around me with Biden signs on their lawns, a clear sign of foggy minds.

  10. I can’t believe this is the same guy who so eloquently laid out the quid pro quo which got his son off the hook in the Ukraine.

  11. This is for Power…Biden is a vessel, it will be filled with Power when he wins…mail in voting is the plan along with the Propaganda..

  12. Biden is a perfect representation of demoncrats – – brain damaged, no coherency, maximum cognitive dissonance, incompetent, parasitical, lazy, etc. etc. etc.

  13. Still have to overcome 4 years of Orange Man Bad, TDS. It’s all a lie, but one that many still believe. MSM pushing their agenda daily, on all channels. And Pelosi is still #3 in line.
    Don’t count out a mass shooting somewhere. Removing law enforcement from schools is one of the thing the left has proposed, and the left teachers union endorses.

  14. You know Biden really f—ked up when the Dems are doubling down on the Trump Stroke lie today. “strokeahontas”…really? Biden has some stupid children running his show.

  15. @gin blossom – for some reason, what you posted reminded me of an event that was made famous about 30 years ago – the Nucla Prairie Dog Shoot.
    Do not take me wrong, I am not saying that someone should go shoot Joe. After all, he is the best advertisement to get President Trump re-elected. Just saying that my warped mind made a connection

  16. “If by some miracle he actually wins, six months to a year later, he’ll retire for health reasons, and she’ll take his place.”

    And when he resigns, later that day after taking the oath office, Kamala will appoint a new VP. Imagine who that might be.

  17. Malapropism is a dure sign of dementia, as well as the hesitations and filler word salad as his added brain searchs for the correct term. The interruption in liner logic and sequence of sentence formation is evident even as he reads from a prepared and rehearsed script.

    The child fondling fool will not make it to the debate at this stage. Most likely Komrade Kamalakazi will do rhe debating

  18. We lost many well-loved stars to Alzheimers. Many of them were taken out of the public eye after serious public melt-downs. Most were treated graciously and the memories they left us are cherished: Glen Campbell, Gene Wilder, Peter Falk, Charlton Heston, Casey Kasem, Ronald Reagan. It is beyond comprehension that Joe Biden is pushed to the podium to speak in this incoherent manner by people who should love him enough to protect him from ridicule. I am truly saddened.

  19. @MerryMouse – Thank you for mentioning Alzheimers. I deal with it for one of my parents every day. It is not easy. It does impact many of us.
    I am not sure Joe suffers from it, but if he does, I do sympathize. Regardless, someone suffering from any cognitive issues should not be in charge of running the greatest country on the earth.


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