Morning Joe on UK Election: ‘Many Democrats Should be Scared to Death’

Newsbusters: The morning after a huge electoral loss by the left, be it here or abroad, conservatives enjoy tuning into liberal networks to savor the collective weeping, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments. 

But in the wake of Labour/Jeremy Corbyn’s absolute demolition in Thursday’s UK elections, Morning Joe, rather than donning sackcloth and ashes, offered something unexpected: a dose of hard reality for Democrats.

NBC reporter Keir Simmons said:

“I’ve got to say, watching this, many Democrats should be scared to death because what you saw here was a populist leader taking those left — people who have been committed to the left for decades, and bringing them on board with him and now will be able to push through Brexit.”

And Joe Scarborough then approvingly cited Andrew Sullivan, who tweeted: 

“One lesson from UK: if Democrats don’t stop hard-left slide, they’ll suffer same fate as Labour. If they don’t move off their support for mass immigration, they’re toast. Ditto the wokeness. Left Twitter is not reality.” 

Of course, Morning Joe‘s reaction should not be taken by any means as joy at the news of Boris Johnson’s smashing victory for Conservatives. Rather, it should be seen as the liberal media trying to learn the lessons from the UK election so that their beloved Democrats don’t repeat Labour’s mistakes. read more

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  1. So like those effete American progtards to “learn a lesson” from the Brits and not from what happened under their nose-in-the-air in ’16.

  2. Maybe don’t try to rule people like you’re their fucking king and you won’t NEED to worry about election results in England so much, how bout try THAT…

  3. I’m beginning to think democrats and republicans will never be able to live together in the same nation.

  4. There’s no “death” to socialism or any socialist party – there’s only setback and regroup. Truce to re-structure and re-organize.

    At most, they re-name themselves (hence: Progressive, Left, Socialist, Demonrat, Communist, Nazi (National Socialist), Fascist, Demonrat Socialist, Social Demonrat, Christian Demonrat, &c.) or put on new hats (black berets, cockades, pussy hats, &c.) but their core lust for tyranny never changes.

    UK will see in the next few years, as will we – for even when the party is annihilated, the maggots remain.
    Cast a gander at Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, NoKo, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Belorussia, &c. – the age-old war: Good v Evil.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. The next warning may be moving at supersonic speeds, but the Democrat being so warned may feel it and never hear it because, that’s what supersonic means, that you’re not around to HEAR the one that ends you.

    REAL revolutions don’t publish timetables. Those fat, old, smug Democrats who clearly aren’t stepping out of their bubble, will learn about it only when the door is battered down and they’re dragged out to the nearest lamppost with a stout rope, to be a macabe, briefly twitching Christmas decoration on the very Tree of Liberty that they will serve to water.

    Done with this. There’s only one way it ends. We may need to cover the New Year’s ball in plastic as the blood tide may reach even to the top of Times Square before it subsides…

  6. The Dems comfort themselves with the thought that, barely a month after they failed in their demonic attack on Kavanaugh, they took control of the House, so an even bigger demonic attack on Trump should give them the White House. In this twisted system, are they wrong?

  7. I had heard that “twits” has such Lefty domination
    that many of the proggy beancounters thought it’s
    prominent anti-conservative opinions had meaning.
    Convinced thereby of their non-existent political
    strength they pulled a “No Hillary in Wisconsin”
    so “pop, goes the weasel” loss.

  8. Parliament members openly laughed out loud at the Labor Party leader afterwards. Let’s do that here in 2020.

  9. The left only believes in power and nothing else. They will pander to any voting block that will support them no matter how silly or unworkable or wrong their statements are – global warming becomes climate change, liberals become progressives, Democrat Socialists are not really socialists, you can choose your gender, the country can sustain trillions of dollars of new debt with no system of raising the money, the police are bad (unless they are patroling a leftist gated community), etc. etc. What a leftist says doesn’t matter so long as it’s what you want to hear and induces you to give them power.

    Leftist policies will fail, as has been demonstrated time and time again throughout history in different societies and cultures. But that doesn’t matter to a leftist; all that matters is that they obtain power and the ability to live in comfort and style at your expense. It’s like trying to earn a living playing the slot machines – the basic math dictates that you will lose unless you own the slot machines.

    Leftists like the current crop of Democrat candidates should be evaluated in this light; they don’t care about anyone but themselves and merely want absolute power over your lives. They know their ideas and policies are crap, but they have an ignorant base that will support them no matter what and are content to let you argue policy while they proceed with their personal agenda. Their personal agenda of seeking power for the sake of power is what needs to be attacked.

  10. I’d like to think this will be the political Narcan the left needs to bring them to their senses, but the utopia-promising drug that is their ideology is far too strong.

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