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Most bizarre Ozempic side-effect yet

h/t Uncle Al

Daily Mail UK:

Slimmers were today warned that weight loss jabs could trigger and unexpected and bizarre side effect: reckless behaviour.

Game-changing injections such as Ozempic and Wegovy, hailed by the likes of Elon Musk and Jeremy Clarkson, are proven to help people shed up to two stone. 

But according to experts, the treatment could cause some users to act ‘out of character’, engaging in risky sex, compulsive gambling or even making rash major life decisions such as filing for divorce. 

They believe changes levels of the brain chemical dopamine, possibly linked to the jabs, may be behind the issue, contributing to the ever-growing list of downsides.

The researchers, from London, say patients should be warned about the potential of these bizarre reactions, known collectively as impulse-control disorder, before starting on the drugs.  more here

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  1. @Thirdtwin — Any day now we’ll be hearing about somebody somewhere in some courtroom trying out the “Ozempic Defense”. I’m sure there are any number of expert witnesses anxious to take money to say that running around naked trying to screw parking meters and ATMs wasn’t his fault, that he was the victim of…of…of…somebody else.

  2. The widespread legalization of sports gambling and weed is what’s causing reckless behavior.

    That said, I’ve recently seen some of the largest human beings in my life.
    Used to have to open a Guinness Book of World Records to view such rarities.
    Now they walk among us…

  3. I noticed that Ozembic has downsized their models in their ads over the last few months. It used to be really fat girls. They have shrunk.

    As for risky sexual urges.

    Fat chicks aren’t on the list.

  4. I have mixed emotions about these new weight loss drugs. And my exposure come from 10 to 12 womenz at the gym that make no secret that they’re taking it.
    So numero uno, at least they’re not Lizo and they realize they need to lose weight. Fat people are not the icon of beauty and never will be. Plus they smell.
    Numero dos, Losing a shot ton of weight, because you’re barfing all the time does not make you healthy.
    Numero tres, That drug is not cheap. It’s anywhere from 1K to 2K per month. It’s starting to be a status symbol thing. The only way they can get it cheap through insurance is if they have Diabetes and are a dirigible and the drug would be a life saver. That skinny bitch MJA does not qualify. LOL
    Numero cuatro. Life gets busy, I get it. But it still comes down to self discipline. Get up an hour early. Get to the gym. Those drugs will probably cure some future heart problems. But only due to the fact mommy has no self discipline.
    Numero Cinco, I’ve recently purchased two new lifting shirts. One says, I Hate People. The other says, Leave Me Alone. These tubbaroos are still spilling their guts to the old pervy guy at the gym. WTF man?

  5. I dunno, but it sure seems like the far cheaper and healthier way to lose weight is to just put down the fargin fork! Ya don’t eat, ya lose weight. It’s just that simple.

  6. Interesting that “impulse control” is seen as a side effect since, being corpulent myself, impulse control is what got them into the situation in the first place.

  7. @Brad — I like your shirts. That second one reminds me of a friend and neighbor, a real curmudgeon until you got to know him, whose doormat said GO AWAY. By the door he kept a small cardboard sign on a little stick. It said WHAT IS IT ABOUT “GO AWAY” THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND?

    The two of us had many companionable evenings drinking Ketel 1 out of the freezer and being purely misanthropic.

  8. WOW, Hunter encountered same symptoms on crack.
    “users act ‘out of character’ (yep), engaging in risky sex (oh brother did he!), compulsive gambling (heck yeah using street drugs and many different whores that’s a gamble) or even making rash major life decisions such as filing for divorce.” (Divorced, yep, Buying a pistol as an addict, yep, Telling your wife you bought a Pistol, screwing your sister-in-law, yep. writing a Tell All Book, yep and more and more.”

    Most People who buy “Ozempic and Wegovy” can’t afford Crack, pistols, whores, divorces or would write a book Outlining all their illegal activities.

    Hunter, as Biden told us, “He’s The Smartest Guy I know”
    Not to be too harsh to the next past Pres.,
    Hunter may really be the smartest Guy he knows.
    What a dumb shit.

  9. Requip, a pill for restless leg and other nervous disorders, gives you the same ride. Imagine waking up at 3AM hard as a rock and sweating bullets, heart going a mile a minute and you have no idea why.

    PS Lotsa fat girls have a fella, so somebody likes them. The ones that get noticed are the ones that dye their hair (all of it) purple and hate men.

  10. On signs – I’d like to see one with a stick figure (labeled Home Owner) holding a stick poking another stick figure laying on the ground (labeled Solicitor) saying: “Go ahead, make my day… ring that door bell again!”

  11. I have a weight loss regimen guaranteed to succeed. We adopted a German Shepherd puppy in October, she’ll be a year old on the 22nd. Rescued another GSD 3 weeks ago, this one 8 years old. About to look at another GSD tomorrow, 2 years old. I’m walking my very hilly neighborhood 1.5 miles 3 times a day with these lunatics and dropping weight that I wasn’t aware that I had.

    People need to get to their dog pounds to lose unwanted pounds.


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