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Mr_Pinko says:

Thank you Mr. President! I’m assuming those that hate this President will not be taking the Virus vaccination cure that the President fast tracked.

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  1. I am wearing my “current” (hehehe) copper ring. Crude, but effective.
    Heavy house wiring Cu wire, beat flat, roll into a coil, size to fit your finger.
    Simple, cheap, easy, crude, not pretty, but it appears to work.

  2. Vice as a source of medical info?
    I wouldn’t read or watch anything from that leftist lot of Trump hating assholes. Fuck Vice. They’ll be bankrupt soon.

    edit: not ‘f’, flip

  3. The History Channel had a Modern Marvels show about copper. It does kill viruses far better than anything else. Door plates, handles, etc, should be copper in hospitals and all other public places that have door push plates.
    This was only found out in the 90s if IRC.


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