MS-13 Gang ‘Decapitated’ in 50 LA Raids

Federal and local law enforcement officers conducted 50 simultaneous raids in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday, taking down almost two dozen “high-ranking” suspected leaders of the notoriously violent MS-13 street gang, along with numerous Mexican Mafia leaders, in what is being described as the “largest gang raid in Los Angeles history.”

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  1. Yeah, CA. You take all the credit, don’t give it to Trump. Then you’ll charge them and release them under your uber sanctuary laws. And they’ll all be free again to rape your CA asses again and again. I heard Jerry Brown’s into that. “I like trains!”

  2. When I was 30 years younger, I lived in Seattle in an area affectionately known as “Rat City”… and witnessed first-hand the brutality of gangs like the Latin KIngs, Mex Mafia, Crips, Bloods etc… but nothing even came relatively close to the message-sending brutality of the Asian gang that shot and killed a black man in front of our home on Delridge Way… they shot the man dead then got out of the car and emptied their pistols in him, got back in and waved hello at my neighbor who was in the yard working then drove away. I moved to Crescent City CA 3 days later.

  3. Welcome to prison little gangbanger, you’re new cellmate is a 300# biker in the Aryan brotherhood, have a nice stay with us.

  4. 3 Year investigation, 50 raids and less that 24 MS gang leaders and 15 members arrested out of the thousands of MS 13 gang members in LA ?
    Not exactly stellar performance.
    Something is better than nothing.

  5. I’m just a dumb ol’ country girl, so let me see if I got this right: MS-13, now the largest world-wide organized crime syndicate — and its most violent — began in L.A. in the 1980’s? Nearly 40 years of systemic, open, criminal activity? Only four years of investigation went into this case (out of 40)?

    And, on the other hand, it TOOK FOUR YEARS to finally “decapitate” the gang’s well-known L.A. leadership??

    How the hell much longer were “local law enforcement officials” (including the mayor and DA) going to wait while “bystanders” were victimized, before acting? Apparently they were satisfied with letting this go on for nearly 40 years! What’s a few more? Why now, why not let this drag on for another four years? President Trump’s DoJ, that’s why. Has to be. It’s the only change to what is apparently an unvarying set of variables.

    I hope they ID’d “local officials” who were taking money from the gang to look the other way for FORTY YEARS.

  6. @TheClawofBluegrass — Rat City (White Center) is now considered alt-Hip — can you believe it? It’s still an unsafe area and the City still doesn’t want to annex it. My grandparents owned a couple of acres on Delridge, but it was way down by the port. I didn’t know this until now, but R.A.T. “city” is so named because it was a Relocation and Training center for the military in WWII. I always vaguely knew it for its low income housing and crime rate. White Center (Rat City) was like High Point back in the day. A Seattle area version of Cabrini Green.

  7. The last time I went to LA, it looked just like a scene from Blade Runner. That’s what 50 years of uncontrolled illegal immigration will do for a city.

  8. How’s about we decapitate these motherbrothers FOR REAL!! Might just send the proper message back home to El Slobador or wherever that they’re NOT WANT HERE!! Take a page out of the Mex cartel’s playbook.
    Might just work. If not, might be fun anyway! ;^)

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