MSNBC : There MAY Be Something To This Whole Benghazi Thing

Daily Caller

MSNBC host Alex Wagner — who for months, if not years, routinely denied there was anything to Republican allegations of a White House coverup on Benghazi — now admits there may actually be a problem with the Obama administration’s response to the 2012 attack.

“There probably is something for Republicans to complain about,” she said regarding Benghazi, “for the American public to perhaps be distressed or dismayed about.”MORE


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  1. girl you in trouble now, get back on the reservation and say something nice about moose and her diet or you are sooooooo fired

  2. Don’t you just love the now-familiar progression (pun intended):

    “can’t comment: ongoing investigation”
    lie some more
    hope it goes away
    it doesn’t go away
    blame “conspiracy theorists” in tinfoil caps
    “This is old news. Let’s move on.”


  3. Methinks there’s an ill wind about to blow down the Obama House of Cards.

    Distraction coming in 3… 2… 1…

  4. “distressed or dismayed”

    Gays get distressed and dismayed. I’m f@@king pissed off, Alex

  5. Forget it PMSNBC. Sucking up to conservatives and telling the truth once every couple years is not going to unflush the toilet where your ratings are.

  6. “Distraction coming in 3… 2… 1…”

    Yep. Ray-ciss NBA team owner didn’t have the legs Obama and company thought it was going to.

  7. That’s a big duh! They’re only beginning to figure it out now. Jay Carney is a lying stooge. I don’t know how he sleeps at night. Must have no conscience or a brain.

  8. @Geoff the aardvark:

    Jay Carney is a lying stooge.

    Sorry, but DUH!. The primary function of White House Press Secretary is, and always has been, to be a lying stooge. Ain’t nothin’ about it Dem or Rep, it’s been the same all along with both wings of the Incumbent Party.

  9. The downstream media must be held accountable. They cannot show up to the party after 6 years and claim legitimacy. I don’t care if they begin reporting in our favor. They still think we’re racists and are still seeking our destruction.

  10. Distraction? Crazie8er>
    1. Shep Smith comes out of closet with Obama in tow.
    2. Mooschelle files for divorce.
    3. Jay Corney has severe chest pains and is moved to Walter Reed Hospital.
    4. Joe Biden asks Jeb Bush to be his running mate in 2016. “Unite The Country in 16” is flashed across the screens; their LOGO.
    That should be enough to keep the LoFo’s entertained.

  11. AvgDude. Right on. What a fucking narcissist. Bret Baier gave him a hosing but it dosen’t mean shit. I honestly believe that the entire demorat party and its mouth pieces hate America. They have no decency.

  12. Uncle Al. I beg to differ. Manipulating the WH talking points for the good of the country is different from doing so to enhance the destruction of the Republic.

  13. @moe tom:


    Manipulating? In other words: deceiving, lying.

    WH talking points

    So, spouting the White House preferred spin. In other words, a stooge.

    Whether various Press Secretaries and their lying under White House orders were doing so “for the good of the country” or for the republic’s destruction is a good topic for phase two of the discussion. Phase one seems pretty ironclad by simple definition.

  14. REally? There is something to this Benghazi thingy? Imagine if Romney could have used that in a debate. Oh, right, he did. Way to drive it home, Romney, you looser.

    @McNorman If hell froze over, then my Yikings will win the superbowL!!!

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