Mueller is Now Implicated in Collusion and Soft Coup Attempt

CTH: Interesting.  As previously said: the biggest takeaway from the documents today, showing the 2017 communication between Christopher Steele and Bruce Ohr, is the fact that Steele viewed Robert Mueller as part of the soft coup team.

In this interview Rudy Giuliani goes further than ever before in calling out the nature of the DOJ/FBI investigation; and specifically outlining the Robert Mueller team as part of the larger conspiracy group to take-down President Donald Trump.

According to Giuliani this information/evidence will surface over the next year to year-and-a-half, and will lead to a fundamental change in the institutions of the Department of Justice and FBI.  watch

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  1. What’s the difference in the end result of a Soft Coup vs your plain old everyday coup. We should be asking these assholes only one question. Do you want a blindfold?

  2. A year to a year and a half?!?! If we can’t start making progress in taking these people down before the midterms, and then if we lose the House, things will go to hell in a handbasket! Someone better take a close look at that 12-18 month timeline!

  3. Dan Bongino made a very interesting point yesterday. The senate aide that worked for D. Feinstein phone texted his girlfriend in the press copies of the report. He texted about 185 pages of the report. Most of the report released was heavily redacted including many of the pages were completely blacked out.
    Why would he text blank pages? The answer is he wouldn’t have, meaning he send an unredacted report. That means the press, various senate and house members like Schiff, and Mueller all had the full report making them all complicit in the conspiracy.
    You should all check out Bongino’s report, I’m probably not explaining it well enough.
    If he’s correct Mueller just might be going to jail too.

  4. No one will be held accountable. Lois Lerner luxuriates in the Sun.

    There are no longer any true Americans holding office. They are either Blues or Reds. No one is loyal to ours Laws. They have no regard for living with Honor.

    If Blues hold majority power, no prosecutions will materialize.
    If Reds hold power, they must act before they lose their status to the Blues.

    Choose your side, keep your powder dry and prepare for conflict. Our past is history. The forthcoming is grim.

    May it be definitively destructive to ALL the parasites that looted and destroyed all that we took for granted.

  5. The “soft coup” is, in fact, the de facto strategy of the previous administration to prevent its members from being prosecuted for actual crimes while in office.

    I predicted this before Obama and Hillary Clinton left office.

    When are people in this country going to wake up?

  6. Wake up and vote most Republicans out of office!

    Country over party, Trump is screwing the country and getting rich while he’s at it!

    No Russians puppets in the US government!

  7. @Rush- go view 46 Days of Fallujah. These are the guys that you and your pussy hat wearing sisters will be dealing with.

  8. Mueller’s been getting a “signal” from Trump, Giuliani and Co. that he has TWO CHOICES: end the investigation himself, or get squashed like a bug by Federal charges of Seditious Conspiracy…I’m sure Trump/Sessions will be only too glad to oblige….

  9. I want to believe you Czar, but I’ll believe it WHEN I SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES.

    I’d even deliver to Mueller an apple pie in jail, just so I know for sure that he made it there.

  10. I’m hoping the delay is because Trump is playing the long game and not incompetence. I ‘m tired of waiting, but I hope the delay in arresting these people is so that they continue to be careless and so they don’t destroy evidence, cover their tracks, etc. Hopefully they are continuing to leave all kinds of clues and implicating others.


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