Muslim criminal welcomed to Australia – IOTW Report

Muslim criminal welcomed to Australia

Herald Sun: He’s a liar, convicted criminal, drug addict and disability pensioner who came here illegally. Yet still we can’t expel this “refugee”:  

A MUSLIM Iraqi father of seven who tried to avoid ­deportation by pretending to be a gay Christian has been ­allowed to stay in Australia…

Although the Administrative Appeals Tribunal recently found there was no substance to the man’s gay Christian claim, it still overturned a decision by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s delegate to ­deport the man.  MORE

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  1. And yet I have Islamaphiles keep telling me that “taqiyya” does not mean “lying for Allah is totally cool and not a sin but rather a virtue”.

    We are watching the fall of the West unfold before our very eyes. I understand the conundrum regarding freedom of religion. As a religious person myself I don’t want that line crossed. (within reason, people worshiping Aztecs gods can’t sacrifice other people, Mormons can’t have more than one wife and Muzzytards can’t marry 6 year olds plus or minus whatever but rather stay within the bounds set by the state) But fraud? I don’t care what their color of their skin or by what name they call God- if they are criminals kick them out.

    If we, as Western Culture, are crippled from purging out criminals for fear of being called “racist” then there is no hope for the future.


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