Muslim IT spymaster Imran Awan Gets NO JAIL TIME – IOTW Report

Muslim IT spymaster Imran Awan Gets NO JAIL TIME

Geller Report:


House investigators found the House server was being used for nefarious purposes: The alleged Muslim spies were removing information and sending it for foreign actors. Capitol Police are looking into the massive amounts of data the Awans reportedly downloaded off the congressional system, thousands of illegal log ins made on the official system, possible theft of tens of thousands of dollars in congressional equipment and fraud and sent to foreign governments and groups. Keep reading

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  1. How could they charge him? The DNC wouldn’t cooperate with the investigation. Which tells me something’s on it that would case major problems for the democrat party.

    Like maybe the whole hillary, russia, dossier scam?

  2. “So did Q call this one?”

    No, how would he know the final sentencing? He has spent sometime illustrating how well this Haji is connected back in his home country of Bumbfukistan and to whom he’s most likely passed all this Top Secret Intel off to. It’s substantial.

  3. Now we’ll NEVER know the full extent of the damage this family did to our country’s security.
    And why not?
    Because to reveal the details of this evil family’s crimes would also reveal the corruption and stupidity within the incompetent and dishonest Democrat party at its highest levels.

  4. Muslims breached the walls long ago. They run large segments of our ruling herd.

    To Hell with them all !!!! Allah too.

  5. Imran choked back tears, saying, “We want to thank the prosecution, the FBI and the Capitol Police,” while his lawyer submitted a letter referring to President Donald Trump, Sen. Chuck Grassley and other Republications as “deranged,” “pathetic” and “without a shred of decency.”

    The Fix was in from the beginning. Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell are partly to blame for this. Sessions is still AWOL, but where is the top Republican leadership. If you can’t stand to defend Trump, at least defend the country.

  6. Old News on a useful idiot muzzie. didn’t affect me at all, and has no info on me or mine, just a few loser dems and their party, and they’re in their twilight time in their criminal careers anyways. so why should i care? as far as i see it, this moron did us all a favor in that he has exposed these foolish politicians for what they are, idiots, like himself, and what they aren’t, honest patriots and security conscious citizens.

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin, Memoirs of the life & writings of Benjamin Franklin

    so ben basically said, Fuck Em!

  7. I think we already guessed what’s on the DNC server because the documents given to the senate/house investigators re: the phony Trump dossier are already telling the server’s story.

    Imran is guilty and Debbie wasserman schultz threatened DC police and then stepped down because of him.
    If he was innocent, she wouldn’t have done that and then given up her crown.

  8. Might I remind everyone the prosecutor under AG Sessions DOJ, threw the case?
    It also bears mentioning, Awan had DWS password(s) when she was Chair and the DNC was “hacked”.

    If this isn’t proof Sessions et al will protect all of DC, both sides, all rogue agencies, I’m afraid Sessions calling a presser announcing such himself, will not convince some.

  9. As I noted the other day, the judge on this one said the guy has “suffered enough.” Meanwhile, you would do hard time.

  10. Both the Judge and her husband were appointed by Obama halfway into his second term. At her old law firm, she hired Fusion GPS.

    She has spent the entire time on the bench being a leftwing activist.

    Under no circumstance should she have been the one allowed to hear this case. She has conflicts of interest out her Jamaican asshole.

    “He’s been through enough already.” Fuck you.

  11. Why should John Brennan need his security clearance?!

    Anything and Everything he would want to know he can hear about at any mosque.

  12. @Engelburka Engelburka August 21, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    > If this isn’t proof Sessions et al will protect all of DC, both sides

    How does this protect “us”? Since the two sides are “them” and “us”, protecting “both” must include “us”. But, I just don’t see it.

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