Muslims Hold Walkout Protest for More Prayer Time

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CAIR Organized a Muslim walkout at the Cargill Meat Solutions Plant – The Workers Got Fired.

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  1. Or blackmail from Obama’s labor board. Finally, sanity prevailed and the entitled moslems that interrupted plant production on a continuous basis were terminated. Now deport their sorry butts back to Somalia where they can pray 5 times a day while dodging bullets from fellow adherents of the religion of piece. Hopefully if is a forerunner of things to come.

  2. Worked in Ft Morgan for 9 months in 2011. The Somalian presence was odd to say the least. Ft Morgan has a very large and established Hispanic population who were displaced by the Somalians the tension was palatable.

    In 2013 I was in Plainview TX again Cargill plant with large Somalian workforce displacing Hispanic population. They couldn’t exist in the same town. The Somalians were bussed from Amarillo daily for work.

    I am with MJA there has to be a kickback that Cargill gets. Why would the company displace Mexicans with Somalians? Seems like a company wide practice from my observations.

  3. I could never understand this “prayer at work” bullshit At work, you work. Pray at home. I think they are just a lazy bunch of asswipes who make prayer an excuse to loaf. If Christians pulled that shit we couldn’t run a country.

    But maybe that’s their intent. “To fundamentally change our way of life.”
    Where have I heard that before?

  4. I worked for a food manufacturer 3 years ago. Assembly-line with 20-30 people on a line, mixing ingredients, rolling taquitos or folding quesadillas, boxing them up. Everyone has to be there and doing his/her thing for the line to work. Everyone takes a break at the same time. There was never an issue because they all understood – you show up on time and you take your break with everyone else.

  5. Tom – I was in Saudi Arabia about 20 years ago and when the call to prayer was blared over the loudspeakers everything stopped. Cab drivers and others stopped in the middle of the road, got out, threw down their prayer mats and prayed (there were markers everywhere pointing to mecca), Shoppers, pedestrians and everyone else did the same. The first call came shortly after daylight and there was no escaping it, even in Marriott motel rooms in which you couldn’t hear any other normal “city sounds”.

    A few times we were in the middle of a business meeting when the prayer call sounded. The moslems (Saudis and their imported “brain power” from other moslem countries) excused themselves saying they had to go to prayer. They just left us Americans sitting around the table until they got back.

    It wasn’t optional as the religious police were everywhere (including “undercover” that might be your fellow employee or acquaintance) and if you didn’t go pray, you were liable to be brought up on charges and face severe punishment. It was a very authoritarian culture and no one knew who they could trust or not. The government could and would kill you anytime they saw fit for whatever reason, so their were no protestations against anything.

    There really wasn’t much in the way of “production line” work in the whole kingdom as practically everything was imported – and most of any actual work was done by imported labor.

    It sure made me appreciate the good ol’ US of A a lot more.

  6. I watched a movie this afternoon, a documentary movie called “World Trade Center” with Nickolas Cage. It was the story, told from the perspective of the two NY Port Authority police officers who were in the concourse of WT1 when it imploded. They were saved because the Sgt. told his guys to make a run for the elevator shaft. Many of them initially survived but were then killed when the second tower collapsed.

    Scenes of death and destruction are particularly hard for me to take and I avoid seeing anything like that if I can. But there is one very important scene (and remembering this movie was based on the accounts of the two survivors), where they realize the building is barreling down towards them.

    Why we didn’t take full, legitimate opportunity to wipe islam off the face of the earth in retribution simply stuns me. It just stuns me. There were over 200 people who died there from jumping, alone. Civilians jumping into thin air to their deaths because of a government — islam is a government comprised of worldwide cells — went to war against U.S. civilians in the sneakiest, most cowardly way imaginable.

  7. ….creeping Shariah……brought to you by our own government & our money they confiscated

    nothing more, nothing less

  8. Watched that movie a few months ago. Broke my heart.

    Since 9/11 I’ve called for nuking the entire Middle East.

    Invest in Windex.

    Unfortunately, we have a government (Obama) that has unbellievable Rules of Engagement that hog tie our military and won’t allow the enemy to be defeated.

  9. Good for Cargill…..I would never advise anyone to go into a meat packing plant. It’s grotesque. Maybe the Muzzies get into it cause it reminds them of chopping Christian’s heads and other body parts up.

  10. I remember praying at work as a young engineer in aerospace. But that was just praying that the Govt. didn’t cancel the contract in the middle of a project.

  11. Bubba’s Bro. Interesting story. My sister worked as a nurse for
    Aramco Oil back in the late sixties. She was in some “Concern”
    with mostly British and Americans The money was good, she told me, but the life sucked. I can imagine.
    Have a great New Year!

  12. You can always pray where you stand, sit, while on the bus, in the car, in your head, out loud, anywhere. Why the showboating?
    Because islam is about control, not religion.

    As if God would care what clothing you wore or where you were kneeling, rich or poor, sick, whatever, when you pray to Him.

  13. Having a much better awareness of what islam is these days, I now realize that control / submission is really what the praying is all about. It is a repetitive chant with no real spirit or sincerity. It creates a very submissive society where people can’t afford to act in any way contradictory to whatever the clerics / govt. tells them. And if you don’t show up for prayers (or do it wherever you are) or aren’t sufficiently fervent with your kneeling and groveling, you are fair game for accusations of apostasy and such. And with such societal limitations, brainwashing the people to commit evil acts is much easier.

    Happy New Year to MoeTom and everyone else.

  14. Don’t think for a minute that that is exactly what Iran will do to us and Israel as soon as they have a nuclear warhead. They either need to be bombed back to the stone age or finished off entirely. Hate speech? No. It’s called survival of the west and civilization. Why our congress and Kerry are playing around with these reptiles is insane.

  15. Islam does not require actual faith. That is why captives on battlefields can be forced to say the Shahada and they are from that point forward considered Muslims and so can be killed if they fall away.

    If it is to be considered a religion, it is the most overtly faithless one you can have while pretending to be devout. It really is all about the externals. You don’t have to actually believe anything in your heart. Just keep up the outward appearances.

    In the various aberrations of Christianity, such ritualistic, externals-driven falsity is hated by God, but such is all that Islam has. Which is exactly the point. True personal holiness and righteousness, are out of the question. That is why Muslims can excuse or ignore child molesters among them as long as they’re externally devout.

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