Muslims in Dearbornistan Get Welfare Payments for up to 4 Wives

JewsNews: They call it “Dearbornistan” and “Little Baghdad.” Dearborn, Michigan – a city of 100,000 – has fully embraced its Arab-American and Muslim inhabitants (which make up about 44% of the city’s population) as well as some of the dangerous ideas of Sharia law.

Polygamy is illegal here in the US, but what about immigrants who already have more than one wife? According to American Freedom Fighters (AFF), these men are listing wives 2, 3, and 4 (yes, they are allowed 4 wives each) as “extended family” when qualifying for welfare and other government programs.

This means that instead of assimilating into American culture, Muslim men in Michigan are continuing to adhere to Sharia law (which by the way allows men to beat their wives AKA their “property”) while at the same time taking advantage of taxpayer dollars.

The Arabic language has become so common in Michigan that the Michigan Department of Human Services, which residents must call when applying for food stamps, prompts callers to press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, and 3 for Arabic (I tried it myself).  MORE HERE

19 Comments on Muslims in Dearbornistan Get Welfare Payments for up to 4 Wives

  1. I’ve already got one, couldn’t imagine multiplying that 1 by 4. But then again, I don’t beat her, so I guess I deserve it?

  2. I’ll Freaken gaurantee this is federally subsidized . Your tax dollars at work. I’ll stop now before I’m on the “List”.

  3. Loco- Damn you’re hotter than it is outside my house right now. lol
    I agree, I was shaking my head mumbling WTF the entire time reading this story.

  4. MJA, it’s just the daily barrage of bullshit we read about every day keeps pumping up the stress level.
    I like being informed but goddamn!
    I can’t be oblivious to shit like the masses evidently can.
    Wish I could sometimes.

    Another thing that fries my bacon is the fact that I can’t get away with shit.
    What I get free: Absofuckinglutelynothing!
    Fucking GIVERNMENT don’t give me shit!
    Also, if I so much as skip paying a parking ticket I get treated like a serial killer.
    Forget it if I screw up my taxes.
    I am totally screwed, this privileged white male…

  5. You to Loco? There is half a dozen things I can think of that chaps my ass right now, and if I got past those there is a whole bunch more after. Privileged white male my ass! And I would send Mr. Trump another $100.00 if he brings this up in Detroit.

  6. Remember when the Lying, Denying, America-Hating, Deserter-Honoring, Gay-Obsessed, Communist-Organizing, Marxist Muzlim Mallrd and Jug-eared Jihadi told us he wouldn’t take vacations, wuz gonna pay down the debt by eliminating fraud and would only put the head in?

  7. So a moslem dirtbag comes here, refuses to abide by our laws and constitution, the piece of shit doesn’t even have to work for a living, and he gets FIVE times or more than an American retiree who has worked his ass off all his life and truly loves America.

    That’s how you spell TREASON.

  8. “extended family” when qualifying for welfare and other government programs”

    you just cannot get any more wrong politically than this in handing out taxpayer funds, can you?

  9. bill….yes, i think they could…..i’m sure some of those goats qualify as “extended family” from time to time…..

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