MyPillow Founder Mike Lindell To Pull Ads from FOX News

Popular conservative Mike Lindell pulled ads from FOX News this week after the once conservative network refused to run ads for his August election integrity conference. Mike Lindell’s Sioux Falls, South Dakota cyber Symposium is scheduled for August 10-12.

MyPillow spent almost $50 mn on ads on Fox News last year and $19mn ytd


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  1. Has he inquired about advertising on the IOTWRr website? I hear the rates are very reasonable and the editors don’t censor ads.

  2. Neither action is surprising. Given the intransigence displayed by the network from the very beginning in even entertaining the notion that election fraud was happening, and the the shabby treatment he has gotten from the hosts when he broaches the subject, he should have severed ties long ago.

    Does anyone know if he advertises on Newsmax or OANN?

  3. I haven’t purchased one of his pillows yet. I will do that today – I will buy 2 pillows, one for me and one for DH. Lindell walks the talk. I don’t mind helping people like Lindell.

  4. FOX WAS NEVER “CONSERVATIVE”! NEVER! One of their first hires was a n admitted Dem who hated Ronny and loves both Bushes . Bashed Ronny on Meet the Press 35 years ago! The pushed RomneyCare hard 12 years ago! Lean GOPe BUT NEVER CONSERVATIVE if Ronny and Barry were conservative and FDR was liberal, then Fox is and always has been LIBERAL.

  5. Have always been slightly center, that made Fox appearance conservative in contrast to most everything else. They are no longer center, they have turned left and picking up speed

  6. Finally! Mike says what a lot of us already have-
    Fuck Fox News.
    And Fuck the Murdochs, the old man and his children.

  7. Bought a mattress topper for the daughter and her hubby, several pillows, and also 2 sets of towels over the last couple of years. GREAT STUFF!!! ;^)

  8. I’ve been using his pillows for years and love them. I also recently purchased one of his dog beds. I might have to visit the site again and see what else is available.

  9. Larry tl takes monster Biden-size bites out of his ice cream cone because he isn’t concerned about brain freeze either.
    Fux is designated & controlled opposition; therefore not all that oppositional.


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