Naaaa – Obama Isn’t a Radical of the Absolute Worst Type

Mumia Defender Now at Justice Dept.

excerpt from Dave Blount

Not only did five witnesses see Mumia shoot Officer Faulkner, but the bullet pulled from Faulkner’s brain was matched to the .38 caliber handgun that was registered to Mumia and which was sitting at his feet when the police arrived at the murder scene. When Mumia was taken to the hospital to have his chest wound treated, three witnesses heard him announce, “I shot the mother-f***er and I hope the mother-f***er dies.” In addition, another witness at the hospital heard him declare, “I’m glad. If you let me go, I will kill all you cops.”

Mumia was wounded because after he snuck up and shot Faulkner in the back from within 1 foot, the officer managed to turn and get off a return shot. Liberals apparently believe the return shot was motivated by racism.


Read the rest of the info about this charming appointment by the “nice guy” Barack.

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  1. To bad the copper wasn’t packing a .45 and, or hit center mass. We wouldn’t be talking about this right now.

  2. You see, what we have propping his feet on the Oval Office desk dreaming of balls, and our black fascist Minister of Justice for Trayvon……are RACIST EXTERMINATIONISTS.

    Nazis were also racist exterminationists….just a different flavor. Both motivated by the same satanic hatred, but ideologically the same.

    The only question is how many millions will the fascists exterminate in this country before Americans wake up and realize that the Nazis never went away. They just learned not to be so obvious….at first….this time around.

  3. …”Obama Isn’t a Radical of the Absolute Worst Type”

    No, but give ObamaCare a chance to kick in after the mid-term elections & many more people start being turned away from care & start dying.

    Then the number of people killed under Obama will be approaching Pol Pot’s numbers.

    …the butchers throughout history will be soooo proud to include Obama & the democRATs in their ranks.

  4. First, who in Hell is named “Debo Adegbile”?

    Second, this Debo character is the key that unlocks the jail cell of the cop-killer Mumia.

    Third, when Mumia flies the coop with Obama’s blessing, he’ll not last five minutes on the streets of Philly if he’s spotted by a cop.

    Fourth, the Gates of Hell will swing wide open to welcome Mumia to his rightful home.


  5. Are you kidding me, Franklin?

    Lucifer doesn’t want that dreadlock knucklehead down here any more than he wants the White House Anti-Christ back home.


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