NAACP, Liberal Activists Threaten to Boycott NFL Until Kaepernick Gets Signed

Breitbart: While Colin Kaepernick, continues to sit on the sidelines without a team for 2017, some liberal activists are trying to organize efforts to boycott the league over his unemployment.

Several efforts have been launched to boycott the NFL, unless, a team picks up the man now infamous for starting the protests during the playing of the national anthem last year.

One particular effort was launched by the Atlanta NAACP last week, according to Pro Football Talk.

“There will be no football in the state of Georgia if Colin Kaepernick is not on a training camp roster and given an opportunity to pursue his career,” Atlanta NAACP representative Gerald Griggs said in an August 18 statement. “This is not a simple request. This is a statement. This is a demand.”

Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons and co-founder of the Home Depot big box hardware chain, released a statement of his own. Reaffirming that he has always supported the inclusion of all manner of ideas in his life and businesses, “I have a long record of active opposition to any symbol or behavior that represents exclusion or discrimination, both personally and in keeping with the core values of our businesses. I, along with our Family Foundation, the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United have never and will never waver from that stance.”

Another effort seeks to urge all black Americans to boycott pro football over Kaepernick’s status.  more here

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  1. That Dickweed Kapernick, he’s ruined football.
    Just when the Cowboys start being decent again, Lazlo kicked the NFL off my TV because they wouldn’t put a stop to disrespect of the Flag.
    I was going to watch again, but I’m not going to now.
    Gotta start watching college ball.
    I have lost my taste for contributing to the indulgences of spoiled millionaires, full of their own importance.
    The NFL can kiss my ass

  2. This is too funny..So a group that has no idea how football is played, never watched a game, hates competition in any form, calls for a boycott.

  3. Doesn’t matter. When they finally finish banning all forms of hard hitting and tackling in order to avoid long-term brain and spinal cord injuries, the sport won’t be worth watching anyway.

  4. What is the difference between the Confederate flag and Old Glory at this point?

    For Christ’s sake, it’s all about the blacks, everything is against them.


  5. @vietvet. You were referring to NFL football as opposed to Trump rallies, right? Or free speech events?
    Same petulant children. As Curt Schilling asked today in response to 37 free speech rallies being canceled in response to leftist thuggery, have we already lost?

  6. Some groups of people can be given the ink, paper, marketing, nekked girls. discount coupons et al. and still f-up the end product…Why aren’t there more Baptists in the NFL?….cuz they drown when they float south…..

  7. The call for all African Americans to boycott the NFL by Pastor Deblaire (spellcheck is hiccupping but it’s correct) Snell is really funny.
    I’ve been to several Jets and Giants games over the years in the New York area. Invites from friends who are season ticket holders.
    I have seen very, very few African Americans in the seats. Plenty on the field, but few in the seats.
    I don’t know how it is in the rest of the country. Just an observation. They don’t come near even 13 percent of the attendees at a game.

  8. National Ass-ociation for the Advancement of Coco Puffers.
    they put the ASS in ASS-ociation. and it’s a Bigly ASS
    Believe me!
    It’s gonna be Yuuuuge!

  9. @F4UCorsair – here’s a fun rewording of your point:
    This is too funny..So a group that has no idea how football politics is played, never watched a game studied history, hates competition anyone who disagrees whatsover, calls for a boycott impeachment.

  10. I got cookies and fudge treats from the womens at the united Methodist Church, so I’m forgiven for the Baptist joke and I can call Catholics ‘Booger eatin’ morons’ for another 24 hours….

  11. @Moe Tom ~ the Washington Redskins (doesn’t matter if the name is racist, as long as it’s not against the ‘correct’ racists) team management is actively trying to lose this season to get a good draft pick to get a ‘person of color’ for their quarterback …. nevermind that their current qb is one of the best in the league …. he’s ‘melatonally-challenged’ … w/ a ‘person of color’ they sell a ton of merchandise … ala RGIII … & puts the indigenous population in the seats, regardless of winning or losing
    … all about the Benjamins …..

  12. Go ahead. The NFL is half black and they are paid very handsomely for their talent and hard work. Put them out of work and blame Bush or Trump. The media will back you up. Over a no talent quarter back whose already done irreparable damage to the NFL? Just how effin stupid are you knuckleheads? Hire Kaepernick yourselves, see what happens to your fundraising.

  13. LOL, Haha…..I seldom laugh out loud at what I read on the internet. However, this particular post has given me reason for a physical outburst of elated emotion based on the Headline only.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  14. They’re only “boycotting” now because they know that millions of normal football fans are walking away, so when ratings drop again, these clowns will claim it’s due to their boycott.
    And congratulations to a bunch of Cleveland Browns players for pissing off the most loyal and engaged fan base in the NFL…

  15. OHH, ohh, ohh, I know! Antifa can stage protests during halftime. I’m sure the pussy owners would be glad to have them.

    Never was a Dallas fan, but at least Jerry Jones has it right. Believe he told them at a team meeting that they have the right to protest and he’ll have the right to see to it they’ll continue to “SIT” on the bench for every game, the entire game, the entire season unless he is is able to sell them to one of the other slave holders. Perhaps not in those words…

    Stop watching from the start of this BS and really sad with the rivalry I had with a Packer Fan and the Bears that I rooted for…

  16. He is totally responsible for his own predicament. I cannot and will not feel sorry for him. And any NFL team that refuses to honor our National Anthem is off my list. Tell me, is the NFL even playing the National Anthem any more. Shame on them if thy are not.

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