NASA Satellite Found A 1,300-Mile Cloud Of Pollutants Streaming From Hawaii

DC: NASA satellite imagery shows a massive plume of pollutants streaming off the island of Hawaii from a new wave of volcanic eruptions.

The Kīlauea volcano has been erupting constantly since the 1980s, but a series of major eruptions in the last couple weeks sent plumes of pollutants, including sulfur dioxide (SO2), into the air as well as flaming rocks and lava.

University of Alabama climate scientist Roy Spencer noted a massive 1,300-mile cloud of SO2 coming from Kīlauea. The volcano began erupting in early May when new lava vents opened up. By May 17, the mountain violently erupted, sending ash and other matter into the atmosphere.  read more

27 Comments on NASA Satellite Found A 1,300-Mile Cloud Of Pollutants Streaming From Hawaii

  1. Time to impose head count tourist tax to offset negative impact from volcanic toxic gas. Leonardo Decrapio, Al Gore, John Kerry and Bill Nye are exempt, of course, as they must spread this important message.

  2. How many more? We need serious volcano legislation to put a stop to these destructive events….

  3. This will cause major climate change and is the responsibility of USA because we are the world’s biggest polluter according to the scientists. We should have seen this coming and done something to stop it. The icebergs will melt, the polar bears die off and it’s all our fault.

    Let’s bring in the EU to regulate our lives to atone for this foreseeable disaster – it’s only fair, we’re rich, and should pay our fair share to fix the problem. We’ll start by stopping all oil drilling and fracking because it is most likely what caused this massive eruption. Then we’ll stop flying, driving and shipping to offset the carbon footprint those activities cause. (sarc/off)

  4. This is all due to the main airport being in Hilo
    The weight of the planes landing broke the island’s root structure. This is what keeps the island from tipping over. The volcano is the result of our Hubris, and we deserve punishment. Cede the big island back to the Hawaiians and let them fix it.

  5. Are all those millions going into Al Gore’s private bank account for carbon credits going to fix it?

  6. I would like to see the numbers on greenhouse gasses released per day by the volcano. Probably puts out more dangerous gasses per day than the4 entire human race puts out in a year.

  7. It’s been going on for millions of years and it will go on for millions more, whether we are here to bitch about
    or not.

  8. Ahnold is talking to lawyers in hopes of suing the Kīlauea corporation. This crime against climate, must be avenged.

  9. I don’t recall hearing this much volcanic activity in our times. Anyone else think this too belongs on Barky’s tab? King Merdas was all about his trips to Hawaii. That beach photo op (GAG ME) and the insulting stupid ‘Official’ Birth Certificate.

    It was bad enough that he would choke the airports and roads at Christmas tourist time and drag Mooch from toiling away at the White Hut. And now Hawaiians must suffer this.

    Could this be Teh Won’s bird of paradise coming home to roost?!

    Apologies and sympathy for the local victims.

  10. “NASA Satellite Found A 1,300-Mile Cloud”

    The only thing NASA ever found and it took 60 years!


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