National Socialist medicine and the Eugenics of the overweight


Four of the 2020 Democrats fighting to claim the White House have endorsed banning private health insurance and forcing everyone into a national socialist medical system overseen by the government.

“Health care for all is a right, not a privilege,” Senator Bernie Sanders said. His call to end private health insurance was endorsed by Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Cory Booker.

Sanders promises that government health care will cover everyone, provide everything, at no charge, and will be open to everyone. His models are the national socialist medical systems of European nations.

Like the NHS.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in his first speech, argued that it shouldn’t take three weeks to see a GP under the NHS. Despite the well-known failings of Britain’s National Health Service, financial, medical, and ethical, it continues to be touted by, among others, MSNBC, as a model for the United States.

And yet the NHS also shows how a national socialist medical system is able to deny care and even kill.

Americans were riveted by the forced euthanasia of Baby Charlie last year, but the pressure to cut costs is manifested in ways that are less devastating, but more comprehensive. Despite Senator Sanders’ false statements, no system can or will provide care for everyone. Just like private health insurance, it will seek ways to cut costs by denying care. But a national socialist system will deny care on a larger scale by evaluating the value of people’s lives while penalizing their behaviors in almost eugenic ways.

That’s the case with the NHS obsession with obesity.

Michael Buerk, the host of the BBC’s Moral Maze, recently argued that the NHS should let obese people die. “The obese will die a decade earlier than the rest of us. See it as a selfless sacrifice in the fight against demographic imbalance, overpopulation and climate change.”

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  1. I’m surprised that a person who has been denied health care, essentially under a death sentence, hasn’t “gone postal”.

  2. How shocking, the same government that wants to keep your thermostat at 82 while you sleep is going to have to figure out a way to deny healthcare. And in the USA where 30%+ are obese and 30% overweight that is a no brainer. Just wait until you try to buy a pizza or processed food at a grocery store with your credit / bank card and see what happens. Think you aren’t going to be getting an addition fat tax even if you aren’t getting any services.

  3. Does Socialist Medicine mean we won’t ever have to look at whales in lingerie on magazines in the grocery store? Or does it mean more of them, since they’re martyrs for Dr. Marx?

  4. Anyone want to see how far to the extreme this goes? Spend some time learning about the NHS’s Liverpool Pathway. That’s where they just roll patients on a gurney out of the way and let the die of dehydration or starvation, whichever comes first. It’s okay, it saves money.

    But if we ration care based on peoples worth to society, a whole lot of people will be gone. Think about all of the people who live wholly on the public dime…

  5. Toxic: Do you think that could happen if the socialists in Britain hadn’t first implemented total gun control? It’s always about control.

  6. So by denying care to fat people, we save money and stop obesity. But if we stop obesity, then more people will live longer that puts more pressure on our socialized medicine scheme. We then have to demonize another medical condition that will shorten life spans in order to deny care and save money, but eventually that medical condition will become less common, people will live longer, and we are back in the same financial condition.

    I know – let’s limit the number of children people can have so no matter what, we can afford to provide socialized medicine. Except, oops, that one child per family just happens to usually be male. Another social planning idea gone bad.

    Heaven forbid that the world see another epidemic like the Spanish flu, which happened almost 100 years ago and killed an estimated 20 million people (on top of WW I). An overburdened socialized medicine system would collapse under the strain.

  7. …in Hitler’s Germany, it was more insidious than that. Your body and the labor it wa s capable of was considered State property, and if you did not take care of it, you were damaging Govenment assets and could be punished accordingly, and fat folks were shamed as practically traitors.

    …OUR govenment, between Obamacare and the EPA, is beautifully prepared to be WORSE. Since they control BOTH the air you breathe AND the lungs you breathe it with, there’s very little a TRUE Communist President couldn’t do to deny you either one…

  8. Just vote/sign here for your chains that will
    cost you 80% of everything you will ever earn
    and your freedom as a human being.
    “There; wasn’t that easy? You’re safe now…..🤣🤣🤣.”

  9. @Supernightshade — except those who were in charge of overseeing the “stay healthy” Nazi programs. Hermann Goering was 329 pounds and considered morbidly obese. Which of course is the whole point of letting anyone in a free nation have enough power over you to decide your fate, right?

  10. …you are correct, @AbigailAdams. “Rules for Thee, not for Me” didn’t START with modern Democrats, but they sure have RUN with it…

  11. “Health care for all is a right, not a privilege …”

    Lies. Health care is neither a right nor a privilege.

    Health care is, primarily, a personal responsibility.
    BS is purposefully confusing “health care” with “health insurance” in order to ambiguate the concepts in the minds (?) of his slobbering, drooling, nose-picking retarded minions. Visit any GSA-maintained facility in the country where a stopped up, full-of-shit toilet will sit for upwards of two weeks before a plumber can be dispatched to plunge it, and you’ll get an idea of Sanders’ concept for gov’t-run hospitalization.
    Sanders knows – KNOWS – that socialism ALWAYS fails – except in that most important of areas – top-down control – oppression – arbitrary rule – and (eventually) dictatorship (though the dictator sometimes hides behind the Central Committee of the Politburo e.g. – Pol Pot).

    No instance of socialism throughout History has ever benefitted the population of any country in which it’s been imposed. It benefits those pulling the levers of power – Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Mussolini, Tito,

    The fact that the totalitarians control “education” is all that allows them to exist – a truly educated populace simply won’t abide their depredations, or fall prey to their insidious lies.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. # Fat people’s lives don’t matter. Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean and betwixt them both they licked the platter clean. Would Humpty Dumpty be considered to be obese?

  13. Golden Corral and other all you can eat buffets will go out of business if they ban fat people. Save Golden Corral, overfeed a fat person, they’ll die anyway so it’s a win/win for both the gubmint and the buffets because they’re is always a never ending supply of gluttons who will overeat themselves to death.

  14. Frankly, if someone wants to eat themselves into an early grave, that’s their business. But if they want me to pay for the surgeries and 20 pills they need to take each day to tool around in electric scooters at the local all-you-can-eat buffet for ten years longer, then it is my business. Fuck ’em.

  15. Make no mistake. Socialism aka liberalism aka communism is a societal mental disorder cancer. It’s origin is ignorance or self-centered benefit obsession at the expense of and with total disregard for other people.

  16. Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare is a hard-core eugenicist. “Just take the pain pill”…..

    Liberals are so infatuated with murder that they keep re-packaging it in different “social” programs.

  17. My wife was left unable to have children because of the shitty medical care in the socialist Soviet Union. At twenty-one, she needed a minor surgery. They botched it and left her for dead on the operating table. Some doctor walked in and decided to try to save her, but he butchered her doing so, leaving her unable to have children. The up side is that she survived. Ask her about how wonderful socialized medicine is.


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