Navy Seal: Tough as a Gas Station Steak

On the mend: Christopher Mark Heben, 44, shared this photograph of him in hospital after he was shot in a parking lot in Akron, Ohio on Friday after exchanging words with a driver who nearly hit him

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  1. Tough guy.

    That’s what happens when the princess arms the enemy and invites them in the door. Patriots get targeted.

    Man, I hate that bitch.

  2. “Tough” is a state of mind; the physical aspect is secondary. If he were at all capable of quitting he would never have earned a Trident.

    Breaking off the pursuit and driving for medical treatment was a rational decision to maximize mission success, made after coolly evaluating the options.

    I never met the boy, but my guess is he doesn’t consider the chase to be over. I wouldn’t care to be on his enemies list. Having a son in Naval Special Warfare myself, I promise you those guys deserve their reputations.

  3. Hope he has some leads to work with and can get those bastards off the street. Lived in Stow, Oh for couple years. I know the center where this happened well. Not normally a crime area.

  4. Four .45’s. Exactly. And forgive me, but I keep reading stories like this with X Seals and Rangers and quite frankly I’m waiting for them to come out on top once. That being said, if I was Grand Poo-bah of the USA I would grant X Seals, Rangers and Special Opps types permanent Carry permits.

  5. My guess is that something got “lost in the translation” in that this story is in a British newspaper…the “brass” was probably a copper jacket. It’s been at least two generations since the limeys saw any kind of a projectile, poor bastards.

    I went to the ER with a head wound once that they stapled shut instead of using sutures; I gather that’s not unusual.

    As to stories about them “coming out on top,” my guess is that those are the stories that never make the news. You gonna call a press conference after you successfully defend yourself? Hell, maybe you would.

    And if *I* were grand poo-bah there wouldn’t BE any carry permits…we don’t need no stinking carry permits.

  6. He is a local guy. Was on WTAM 1100 am 2 days before it happened. You can listen to the interview with Mike Trivisono if you like. Also he called in with an update yesterday, and he is coming back on his show to talk about it.

    (cant get avatar thing to work. Keep losing my tag ARGH)

  7. @ O.P.
    I am aware of some Brass-jacketed H.P. ammunition.
    Seems a belly wound would penetrate to a depth that would require more that staples to repair.

    The fact that he was on the radio before the incident seems a bit fishy. Was he targeted?

  8. He thinks it was a few thugs of dark complexion just looking to start something with someone. Funny part of it was he called Triv when he got out of the hospital. He mentioned the Dr accidentally ratting him out on some injuries his parents were unaware of.

    This guy’s parents are at the hospital to see him. Dr walks in to go over some things, and asks him if he is aware of like 7 or 8 piece of metal in his other body parts. The guys mom is looking around kinda shocked. He replies to the Dr that he is aware, and it from serving on missions.

    I guess the guy’s mom was pissed because he never mentioned getting hurt/hit while on duty.


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