Nearly 100K Coloradans to lose Obamacare coverage as insurers drop out, cut back, raise rates – IOTW Report

Nearly 100K Coloradans to lose Obamacare coverage as insurers drop out, cut back, raise rates

WT: More than 92,000 Coloradans will lose their Obamacare health care coverage in 2017 as four leading insurance companies scale back or eliminate their plans while others propose rate hikes of as much as 40 percent.

Insurance holders with individual plans through Anthem, UnitedHealthCare, Humana and Rocky Mountain Health Plans will need to find new coverage for the 2017 coverage year, according to a Monday statement from the Colorado Division of Insurance.

Insurance commissioner Marguerite Salazar described the upheaval as part of the “stabilization phase” as the state exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, enters its fourth enrollment year.

“Companies are still figuring it out — where to sell, how to sell, how to price — which is why we’re seeing some companies pull back on individual plans or requesting significant increases, while still other companies are coming into the market,” Ms. Salazar said. “Some companies have done a better job of figuring out how to operate in this new environment and compete for people’s business, while others must step back and reevaluate their approach.”  more here

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  1. Lie of the century – if you like your insurance plan you can keep it.

    As a CO resident this is perfect timing for November’s Prop 69 for CO Single Payer State Insurance.
    Pot has brought all the Bernie supporters into the state over the last several years and they no doubt are going to be doubling down with the belief once it is a true single payer system we will reach utopia.

  2. I see Cory Gardner is boo-holing about ObamaCare yet he voted for the last “baked in the cake” bullshit Omnibus Bill that Ryan put forth when it came time for the Senate to consider it.

    What a two faced pile of shit. He knew full well about not only the many times McConnell promised to repeal ObamaCare but the coming tsunami of rate hikes and cancellations. Yet he voted for the continued funding of ObamaCare. And now he wants an exemption for one Congressional district?? Yeah, that’s just the way laws should be enforced, selectively. No problem for Cory though, his gold plated medical care is now ensured for the rest of his life. Courtesy of me standing my studio for 14 hours a day.

    I knew this POS was going to be a McConnell Butt Boy.

  3. So much for the grand experiment of putting a communist nigger in the White House. Told you so.

  4. CfHC is also going belly-up. I’m the mailman for a health organization in CO, so I read a lot of mail that I wish I didn’t have to. The last day to submit claims to CfHC has already passed.

    Also, CO is a big Western State, not a tiny New England State. There are just 3 major cities to support the rural areas, which is most of the State.

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