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Netanyahu Live

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  1. WOW…Bibi just laid it out.
    “We, the Jewish people, can defend ourselves.

    IOW, suck it, oBozo!

  2. He just quoted Moses, whose image graces the chamber.
    Heads at the White Hut must be absolutely exploding!

    He hit it out of the park!!

  3. bebe just made obama and his thugs look even smaller and pettier! so nice to hear something positive about the u.s. after six loooong years of o’shitbag! bebe for president!!

  4. I hope Obama and DemonRats in the Congress take their heads from their rectums and heed a great message.

  5. Bibi is brilliant.
    He knew exactly what he had to accomplish with this speech.
    – He wanted to spell out the pathetic “deal” oBozo is cooking up.
    – And if the “deal” does go through that he would not sit idly by and let Iran make good on its threats to annihilate her.

    IOW, Israel is prepared to act alone, if necessary.
    I think he’s planning to take out the reactors.
    He mentioned the centrifuges quite a few times.

  6. “…and when someone backs out of a deal, as often happens at a Persian bazaar…”

    I think I just heard the Ethnic Stereotyping Offense klaxons blaring off in the distance.

  7. It’s a good thing the CDC stayed away, to many big words were used and nobody to translate into CDC Jive.

  8. Facts, truth, passion for their Country, freedom and liberty are not understood or practiced by Iran or obama.

    This will not change.
    I stand with Israel now and forever.

  9. I missed it due to having to work. You bet your butt I will be watching it later online.

    Bibi is a man who understands what threat he is under. He isn’t worried about being “Popular” or doing what is the “Correct” thing to do, he will do what is the right thing to do.

    Dems are now trying to spin the words of a real man into “Political Theater”.

  10. the fresh air of truth, it’s disgusting to realize what we have come to accept as normal in this country

  11. I just reread my last comment–I typed cajones on my phone and it changed it to canines (I guess I could have meant teeth!!). I thought I was being so smart!
    Okay, really pissed off at the Dims who came out to attack Netanyahu–just SHUT UP! You are so thin skinned.

  12. Congresscritters will all keep playing stupid.
    Dhimmicrats will spit their venom.
    Thank you for making the speech available with this post.
    I’m going to start flying Israel’s’ flag.

  13. After six years of Prezzy Pissypants & his ex-Student Council apology & excuse brigade (& spineless RINO’s) it is refreshing to hear & see what real leadership is.

    P.S. I heard that Boehner gave a bust of Winston Churchill as a gift to Bibi …… perfect!

  14. Mr. Netanyahu is a breath of fresh air. He is the leader the world has been hoping for, if only congressional conservatives in the US would follow his example. Obama looks degenerate, petulant and evil in comparison.

  15. @99th, “Obama looks degenerate, petulant and evil in comparison.”

    That’s because he IS degenerate, petulant and evil in comparison.

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