New CDC confusion over Ebola


DailyMail UK-

New CDC confusion over Ebola as it deletes warning that virus can spread through coughs and sneezes from its website

  • It has replaced the old language with new guidance that says there’s ‘no evidence’ Ebola is spread through either
  • The CDC also took down on Thursday a poster that said that Ebola can be transferred through ‘droplets’ on hard surfaces, like doorknobs

  • It’s unclear why the CDC abruptly changed it’s Ebola advisories
  • The quiet removal of information follows a public health campaign by Sen. Rand Paul to get the CDC to be ‘forthright’ about Ebola transfer


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  1. This is designed to keep everyone puzzled and on edge. A frightened population is easily controlled.

    Take the example of “Heaven & Hell” 👿

  2. This is designed to keep everyone puzzled and on edge. A frightened population is easily controlled.

    So, EBOLA actually means


  3. The CDC is a government agency. Our government LIES about everything. This whole thing is bullshit. The jerk that “died” here. the guy from Liberia, is probably in Liberia right now smoking a big cigar with a couple million in his bank account.

  4. It continues to amaze me how much of a pass the American press gives Obama on the sheer incompetence of his Administration’s political appointees. The CDC is run no better than IRS, the VA, Health & Human Services, Education Department, the Secret Service, Homeland Scrutiny, or any of the enormous bureaucracies that our elected leaders have created.

    I think the coming wave of new faces in Congress is a reflection of people’s overall dis-satisfaction with the Government in general along with the policies of Obama. Downsizing government should be the first plank in the platform of whomever gets elected to clean this mess up.

  5. If you think forced quarantines are a b!tch,
    wait for the mandatory “Ebola Vaccines”…
    you ain’t seen nothing yet, people. 🙁

    Trust me on this.

  6. Impeach.
    On Nov. 5th, let CDC know their funding for childhood obesity research and gun violence is being wittheld until Frieden is replaced by a qualified candidate.

  7. My Husband just went through Ebola “training”. He said it was a cluster, and it is clear that no one knows what the hell they are doing. And this nugget, they are not allowed to call body bags “body bags” if they are dealing with a suspected Ebola corpse. They have to call it a “bodily fluids retention device”, or something like that.
    He also said something about the hospitals having to hold suspected Ebola patients for 48 hours before they can be sent somewhere that is actually experienced to treat them.
    We are in Central NY.

  8. Sylvia…
    They are trying to force us old folks into flu & pneumonia shots too.
    Haven’t had any & absolutely refuse to get any.
    Husband had a pneumonia shot in 03 & missed a month’s work! Sick as a dog!
    Never again!

  9. Not that I don’t believe in flu / pneumo shots, but I will never again take a flu shot. I got sick more often with them. And I haven’t caught the flu since I stopped taking them years ago. Pfft.

    So anyway, considering the idiocy of this administration, I’m just gonna go ahead and treat Ebola as if it was a catchy as the flu.
    Only Ebola has about a 50-60% chance of killing you.

    F U 0bama. Seriously.

  10. How about if the CDC runs over to Africa and tell those muslims to stop feeling up the dead persons bodies, giving them baths and getting that shit all over themselves. They need to be set on fire.
    what are they afraid of? Some of them are going to burn in hell for supporting and engaging in terrorism anyway.

    And stop eating bats and monkeys!!! PETA can show you what to eat. lol

  11. 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 every day will do more to prevent influenza than any flu shot ever will. — Dr. Richard Becker

  12. Ebola false flag?


    I work with a guy who tends to be a big picture kind of guy. His thoughts on ALL of this?

    It’s all pure agitation, or agitprop. Ebola, the IRS, the bullets, the NSA, the 0bamacare, Benghazi, spying on the AP, Bundy ranch, on and on.

    Basically every 0bama atrocity and scandal since 2009 is at least dual purpose. The scandals are a thing themselves but the bigger picture is to agitate the conservatives. Trying to incite rebellion. The Bundy Ranch episode was an inch away from their goal – the start of a shooting war right vs left.

    They are trying to push “us” to the breaking point, this Ebola mess is a nice healthy dollop of insanity on top of a massively frustrating insanity casserole.

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