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New Congress Must Revisit Postal Reform

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The ballots are (mostly) in, and it looks like America will have a divided government for the next two years. A Republican-controlled House may not amount to the envisioned “red tsunami,” but with a shift in power comes new lawmakers keen on revisiting the mistakes of the previous Congress. One such mistake was the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022, which passed the buck on the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) gargantuan liabilities and set the stage for a massive taxpayer bailout in the future.

Now, it’s up to lawmakers to axe this harmful “reform” law and steer the troubled agency back into the black. Americans deserve a fiscally stable mail carrier that can deliver without breaking the bank.

Having lost more than $100 billion over the past 15 years (including $4.4 billion in 2022), the USPS is in dire fiscal straits. Unfortunately, the “reform” legislation passed earlier this year made postal problems harder to fix and even hoodwinked some center-right think-tanks and advocacy groups. Signed into law in April, the bill changed plenty about the way the agency operates.

The most widely discussed change is the “integration” of USPS retiree health benefits into Medicare. The legislation splits the existing Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program, which covers about 8 million federal and postal workers, retirees, and family members, into two. Out of this divorce will emerge a new general FEHB and a separate Postal Service Health Benefits (PSHB) Program linked financially to the Medicare program. If the law stays on the books, virtually all USPS employees will eventually be covered by Medicare, absolving America’s mail carrier of considerable health care costs. MORE

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  1. Eliminate the Postal Service. Like a Different Tim says, I get all my bills electronically. The ONLY thing I dig out of my mail box is junk mail. The Greenies should be solidly behind this.

  2. Doctor Whose Legend goes by recognition, not a dress or address

    Mail sent by or to other doctors is entirely coincidental

    Doctor Whose Legend {all uppercase} never ever {end all uppercase} fill out, much less submit, a friendly local postal change of address packet convenience card for the cash list record.

    Doctor Whose Legebd has a funny story about that.

    Doctor Whose Legend once filled out an ‘OFFICIAL US POSTAL FORM’ packet for reals.

    Doctor Whose Legend was so happy to be leaving that address Doctor Whose Legend was currently at and so equally excited for Doctor Whose Legend new address that Doctor Whose Legend accidentally mispelled Doctor Whose Legend name wrong on the US Official Mail List for Official use only form letter.

    Doctor Whose Legend {aka DWL for the next minute or so} happyness at DWL’s new address was not to last more than 6 to 8 weeks.

    DWL started receiving all kinds of mass mailings and voter surveys and credit offers, lots and lots of unsolicited credit cards. Lots of free cards needing merely a signature for activation.

    Had DWL not accidentally mispelled DWLs name, DWL never would have known whom the source of the Personal Info leak had come from. The USPS.

  3. Privatize the USPS. Watch costs plummet, efficiency skyrocket. And yes, do away with Affirmative Action, the main reason the Post Office is a disaster.

  4. My mom died this past July. She worked for the state for over 25 years doing admin work. She started at an insane asylum (back when they still called them that), Highway Dept, a nursing home, and lastly the finance office of a local Community College. Back in the late 70s the state didn’t want to give out raises so instead they offered the union employees gold plated health insurance right on through retirement.
    I just got the first statement from the insurance company for the hospital bill – $102,650. She owes $35 for the emergency room copay. Her monthly drug bill was over $1500 of which she paid about $5. Wish I could get a deal like that, instead I got stuck on 0bamacare for a couple of years until I hit 65.

  5. Current head of the US postal service Louis DeJoy lifetime appointee by Trump. Guaranteed to drive it into of course bankruptcy.

  6. You want postal reform? 99% of my mail goes directly from the mailbox to the trash without ever being opened. Couldn’t we just pay people to throw it away and not waste gas delivering it?

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