New Jersey Town Becomes Sanctuary for Gun Rights

Breitbart: West Milford, New Jersey, is now a “Township Sanctuary” for Second Amendment rights. reports that the township adopted a resolution stating it “opposes further interference with, or abridging of, the rights of lawful gun owners.”

The resolution makes West Milford a “Second Amendment/lawful gun owner sanctuary township.” read more

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  1. I don’t want to throw shade on those that are, actually, doing something. Anything. But that is different than doing nothing.

    So, I’ll ask: If Los Zetas cross the township (county, municipal) border, in a convoy of their technicals, what is the expected response from the armed forces of that jurisdiction? What if the locals don’t get themselves stood up, until it’s too late? Now, they know, exactly, what Los Zetas’ target was, and exactly what they did. But, Los Zetas still have to get back out, of the township (county, municipality). What, then, are the local armed forces going to do?

    Now, replace “Los Zetas” with the, still (locally) illegal, banging gang of your choice. What. will. the local. armed forces. do? Actually, do?

    And how much should the locals pay (professional) lying liars who lie?

  2. A law is only effective if there are people to enforce it.

    Look at illegal immigration under Obama? Or Antifa in Portland? What good are laws if the politicians tell the police to stand down?

    Same with guns. You can pass all the laws you want, but if the police and courts don’t bother with it, it’s the same as if the law never existed.

  3. Law only applies to the law-abiding.
    When a law passes which is considered unjust to the law-abiding, it is, indeed, unjust – especially if the law-abiding choose to ignore it.

    These kinds of abuses by “gov’t” eventually lead to bloodshed – but then, violence decides issues irrevocably (see the Civil War, for instance, which decided the questions of State’s rights and the extent of the 10th Amendment, as well as the Constitution’s silence on secession).

    The totalitarians opened the floodgates with their “sanctuary” city nonsense, effectively nullifying Federal law. The SCOTUS ruled that they were “entitled” to Federal Funding regardless of their antipathy to Federal law. Thus, the Fed Gov is REQUIRED to fund those rebels and traitors who seek to destroy the very Constitution which enables them.

    Sauce for the goose.

    izlamo delenda est …


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